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Handheld Magnetic Pickup Filter Wand with Discharger Stainless Steel 40cm


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Quick and easy pickup, collect and filtering of ferrous particles, metal parts, swarf and foreign ferrous objects.
Simply discharge the swarf load by pulling the discharger pommel at the end of the handle, this will cause the ferrous particles to drop as the magnets at the front of the rod shift to the rear.
The rubber separator guard prevents the ferrous material from shifting beyond the middle section of the rod while discharging.

Magnetic Filter Rod Stainless steel 40cm

Magnetic Filter Wand Pickup metal, iron, filings, chips and swarf from work bench. Simply hoover this magnetic wand appx 2cm  from surface of workbench to attract any ferrous material.
Effective magnetic section to the front of separator guard can be submerged in liquid to pick up or filter ferrous particles.
Handheld and portable design allows this magnetic filter wand to be used in tight spaces and access small gaps or openings.
Lightweight and extremely durable stainless steel body, safe to use on liquid, powder, grains and etc to pick up or filter ferrous foreign objects.

Portable Stainless steel magnetic filter rod handheld

40cm Magnetic Rod Filter Stainless Steel with Discharger handheld

– Metal workshop
– Carpenter workshop
– Material Processing Plant
– Metal detection
– Material separation

Effective magnetic pickup length: 16cm
Overall Operating Length : 41.5cm
Overall Length Discharge Extended : 63cm
Stainless steel rod diameter: Dia. 2.5cm
Rubber separator guard diameter: Dia. 6.8cm
Grip Handle : 12cm
Weight: 440g

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets – Keep away from children


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