Magnetic C-Profile Labels 10cmx3cm 10pcs


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These pre-cut ready to use magnetic labels save you time and make organising stuff on metal racks fast, neat and nice!

Magnetic Sign Plain Label C-profile 3cmx10cm 10pcs

Magnetic Sign Labels Printed or Marker

Each piece of 10cm x 3cm magnetic sign comprises of a ‘C’ profiled flexible rubber magnet to slot in any paper labels whether hand-written or printed and a clear protective PVC to keep the labels clean.

Works on any flat metal racks, shelves, drums etc..
Get organised and label away without having to fuss or worry about sticker labels residue or permanent makers stains on your metal racks and shelves.

Printed method:
1) Layout all your label designs in a single A4 document with rectangles grids of 10cm x 2.7cm
2) Print out in a single A4 paper and cut to the grid size of 10cm x 2.7cm
3) Slot the cut paper labels into magnetic C-profile

Marker Hand Written method:
1) Use a bold whiteboard marker to write on the PVC
2) The white paper below PVC remains plain and white
3) Easily erase whiteboard marker from PVC

Note: You can also use permanent marker to write on the white paper directly.
Just cut a new piece of paper if you ever need to change the label.

C profile Magnetic Signs 3cm height 10cm length

Magnetic Sign with Changeable Label

The greatest advantage of using magnetic labels are:
– Easy to attach
– Easy to remove
– Easy to reposition
– Reusable
– No unsightly stains or marks
– Doesn’t damage existing surfaces
– Neat and Clean

Ideal solutions for:
– Warehouse
– File Cabinets
– Metal Containers
– Metal Racks/Shelves
– Classrooms
– Whiteboard
– Laboratories
– Hospital/Clinic
– Office
– Retail Shop
– Exhibitions
– Kitchens
– Temporary Signs
– Education Aids

Each pack of magnetic ‘C’ profile label comes with 10pcs of:
– ‘C’ profiled flexible rubber magnet 10cm x 3cm
– Paper label
– Clear protective PVC

Can be on magnetic white board and Magnetic Paint painted surface too!
NOT Suitable for Glass Magnetic Board!

Magnetic Labels for Metal Racks 10pcs pack