Magnetic Rechargeable LED Sensor Light PIR Motion Detection



Magnetic Rechargeable LED Sensor Light PIR Motion Detection

🧲Magnetic Rechargeable LED Sensor Light with PIR Motion Detection Technology and easy installation (no screws needed!). Just position the metal plates onto the hidden magnet, Remove the 3M Adhesive from the metal plates and Attach the LED light with the metal plates onto desired area.💡

There is also a new Tri-Colour LED Rechargeable Light with Motion Sensor (3-in-1)

So Simple😁! Just 3 steps! Position, Remove and Attach. Now you don’t have to worry about walking across the room to find the switch, just attach the Magnetic Rechargeable Led Sensor Light next to your bedside!

Many other Uses and Places for the lights! :

  • Cabinet
  • Door
  • Attic
  • Shoe Rack
  • Drawers
  • Countertop
  • Desk
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Bunkbeds
  • Bedside
  • Display
  • Reading/Study Light
  • Walkway Lighting

Not only is the Magnetic Rechargeable LED Sensor Light easy to install, its also very easy to use.
First Press to leave it On permanently, Second Press to activate Sensor Light Mode and the third press to turn it Off. The brightness of the light can also be adjusted, just press and hold when the light is permanently on to either dim the light🔅 or brighten it🔆.

The Rechargeable Magnetic LED Light can detect the surrounding brightness☀️, it will turn on only if the surrounding is dark🌙 and lighting is needed. This will help to save battery life as the light will not activate during daytime or bright environment.

Versatile Magnetic Sensor Light Smart Motion Sensor LED Cabinet Light Reading Light Magnetic Home Décor Multipurpose Magnetic LED Display Light Magnetic Wireless Rechargeable LED Study Light Intelligent LED Energy Saving Wireless Light

No guess work required on charging status! 🔴Red Light🔴 = Charging | 🟢Green Light🟢 = Fully Charged

Smart Motion Sensor LED Light

No Drilling, No Screws and No Tools required to install the product! 😊🧲💡
Because it is magnetic 😎, that means you can remove and attach in seconds!
(Even the magnets are hidden aesthetically)

Best of all… No wires to run.

USB Rechargeable Motion Activated Sensor Light


15cm Led Light:
SIZE:24*17*150MM | Nominal voltage: 5V | Nominal power: 1W

21cm Led Light:
SIZE:24*17*210MM | Nominal voltage: 5V | Nominal power: 1.5W

30cm Led Light:
SIZE:24*17*300MM | Nominal voltage: 5V | Nominal power: 2W

50cm Led Light:
SIZE:24*17*500MM | Nominal voltage: 5V | Nominal power: 3.6W

Package includes: 1x LED Sensor light, 2 x Adhesive metal plates, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x Operating Manual

Magnetic LED Sensor Light bars 4 LengthMagnetic-LED-Sensor-Lights-bars-Singapore

LED Sensor Light Colour Warm Light 3000k TemperatureMagnetic LED Sensor Light Colour White Light 6500k Temperature



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15cm Warm, 15cm-White, 21cm Warm, 21cm-White, 30cm Warm, 30cm-White, 50cm Warm, 50cm-White

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