Stainless Steel Rod Filter Magnet Dia.25mm x 286mm SS304 12k Gauss


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Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Rod Filter Magnet Dia. 25mm x 286mm SS304 12k Surface Gauss

Multiple neodymium magnets fully encased in welded SS304 stainless steel.

Usage: Filtering of metal, ferrous particles in production plant.
Series of neodymium magnets are permanently enclosed in air tight welded SS304 stainless steel outer case allowing it to be fully submerged in water without rust or corrosion.

Not for use in heated environment or in substance above 80°c temperature.

12,000 Gauss surface reading are obtainable only on specific points on the surface of the rod as magnet surface gauss are not homogenous throughout.

Handle with care as the magnetic pull force on small pieces of metal objects is very strong as compared to metal dust or tiny metal particles.

It will require some effort if this rod were to accidentally get stuck to thick metal beam or thick metal sheet.

Warning: Keep away from children, this magnet is not suitable for school projects or class room experiment.
May cause serious injury or damage if not handled properly.
Multiple polarity are spaced out along length of rod, meaning it has multiple 12k peak gauss along the rod length.

Stainless Steel Rod Magnet Diameter 25mmx286mm12,000 Surface gauss Rod MagnetBar Filter Magnet In Stainless Steel SS304Rod Filter Magnet Stainless Steel

Cardboard roll in photo is added as spacer gap between multiple rod magnets, cardboard roll spacer can be discarded before use.

SS304 Stainless Steel Filter Magnet


Each unit consist of 1pcs Stainless Steel Rod Magnet.
Size: dia. 25mm x 286mm
Max. Surface Gauss : 12,000 Gauss

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