Data Blocker Magnetic Universal USB Charging Cable 540° Swivel Rotate with Type C+Micro+Lightning Plugs



Prevent Juice-Jacking with this Data Blocker USB Charging Cable.
Ideal for travel and peace of mind charging at airports and high traffic location.
This Universal Magnetic USB Data Blocked Cable prevent unauthorized or covert access to your smartphone on tampered or hostile charging ports due to the lack of the additional data cable present in common USB cables.

With 3 types of magnetic heads to suit all smartphone or powerbanks, it also prevent accidental damage to your precious charging port or constant wear and tear.

Protect your Smartphone and Travel Safe!

“Damage the cable but not the port!”
Magnetic cable disengage safely when accidental tug or force, compared to a regular cable that will damage your costly charging port once and for all.

Data-Blocker USB Charging Cables Magnetic Universal Plugs

Data Blocked USB Charging Travel Cables 540rotattion Type-C

With this Universal Magnetic charging solution, you only need to plug in your device… ONCE!

Yes, the Type-C, Micro USB and Lightning magnetic plug head works just like your regular charging cable head, but instead of plugging IN,OUT,IN, OUT every time charging is needed, just plug it in and it stays there, like a unmovable gate keeper that protects that tiny hole of your device from dust, moisture, sharp objects, pocket lint and daily wear and tear!

The connector outside external neodymium magnet connects with the magnetic cable for a strong charging connection, that means split seconds connect and disconnect each time charging is required.

Protect the charging port of your devices be it Type-C, Micro USB or Lightning port before it get damaged from the constant wear and tear of plugging in and out.

Magnetic universal USB charging cable with 3 magnetic plug for USB Type C + Micro USB + Lightning ports can charge most of your commonly used devices.
The 3 types of magnetic connectors once plugged in to your iPhone, Android phone, power bank, USB Lights, USB Fan and “USB anything” can remain on these devices due to its petite and unobtrusive size.

The upgraded 180° Swivel head + 360° Magnetic rotation allows you freedom to connect and position your USB cable without worrying about awkward angles or sudden bending force permanently damaging the tiny port hole.

2 Length Options: 1 meter and 2 meters.

Magnetic USB Charging Cable TypeC-Micro USB-iOS-Compatible

iOS Micro USB and Type-C Charging Cable Universal Magnetic Head

90 degree angle USB Charging Cable with 3 Magnetic Connectors

Once the magnetic connectors are plugged in, simple bring the magnetic end of the USB cable near to the magnetic connector and it will snap together securely to establish a charging connection.
Easily remove the cable by slightly bending the cable magnetic end and move away from the magnetic connector. This USB magnetic cable is superior to normal cable in many ways beside being super convenient.

Advantages of Magnetic USB Cables:
– One hand to connect
– Split seconds connection
– Extend the lifespan of your phone USB/Lighting port
– Magnetic connector act as a dust cover
– Makes driving safer
– Prevents port damage due to forceful cable pull
– One magnetic cable for multiple devices (Android, iPhone, Power-bank etc)
– Magnetic end connects both sides
– Strong and durable braided Nylon cable
– LED indicator light
– Charging Only, non-data cable act as a Data Blocker, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware bridge when plugging in to tempered or unfamiliar USB ports in public places.
(Malware are not able to be transmitted thru this non-data cable, all data via USB cable not possible)

What’s in the box?
– Magnetic USB Charging Cable x1 (Depending on the Color and Length you have choosen in the drop-down option)
– Micro USB Magnetic Connector x1
– IOS Magnetic Connector x1
– Type C Magnetic Connector x1
– Connectors Plastic Holder x 1
Package: OPP Ziplock bag. (No Retail Box)




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1 Meter, 2 Meters