Disc Neodymium Magnets 15mm dia x 1.5mm 10pcs/pack


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Disc Neodymium Magnets 15mm dia x 1.5mm 10pcs/pack

These medium disc sized magnets provides a good balance of holding power and discreet small size for use in various places.

– Put a few pieces on the side of your cooker hood and it holds metal tongs, scoop or tuner within reach while cooking.
– Put 1-2 pieces on the inside of box of tea bags or beverage boxes and it will stick neatly to the side of your fridge, freeing up valuable work space.
– Put 2 pieces inside tissue box and attach it to any metal surfaces. (Just remember to take out the magnets when discarding empty box.)

Neodymium disc magnets

Workshop Metal Shelving/DIY work:
– Attach regularly used tools like spanner, screwdriver, hammer neatly on metal shelving.
– Put a single piece in pocket to hold metal ruler on outside of pocket while you do a series of measurement and marking.
– Use it to locate metal structure or ‘C’ Channel behind partition board for drilling.

Office and Home

Snap a few pieces of these magnets to the sides of your table legs or structure to…
– hold a bunch of paper clips for easy access
– snap your stapler or metal ruler
– snap your USB cable by the metal connector when not in use

Voilà you’ve got a clear and uncluttered desk in seconds!

Strong Magnets D15 x1.5mm Holds 1250g

Disc Magnetisation Orientation

– Keep 1-2 pieces handy in your key porch and you can use it to test if cooking pots or pans is induction cooker friendly.

Diameter: 15mm
Thickness: 1.5mm
Weight: 2g (appx.)
Grade: N35
Plating: NiCuNi
Magnetisation: Thru 1.5mm thickness
Max. Operating Temperature: 80 ° C
Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm

Each pack contains 10 pieces of 15mm dia. x 1.5mm disc magnets. (Stacked and separated by plastic spacer as shown in stacked photo.)

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children