Magnetic Painted Wall 5 coats
Souvenir Fridge Magnets on Magnetic Painted Wall

Souvenir magnets are commonly displayed on fridge doors, but there are cases where this isn’t feasible, such as glass fridge doors, limited space, or inconvenient locations.

But what if we could showcase our souvenir magnets on our walls? It would be a dream come true!

Our customer, Choy Wai (CW), made this dream a reality and graciously shared the process along with photos!

His initial inquiry with Titan Magnetics was simple: “How many liters of Magnetic Paint are required to cover a 1.5m x 1.5m wall area?”

For regular use of a magnetic painted wall to attach papers, photos, or cards, 1 liter is sufficient to cover approximately 2sqm with 3 coats. However, Choy Wai’s intention was to display souvenir magnets, so we recommended at least 5 coats, which equates to 2 liters of magnetic paint.

He shared with us a photo of a die-cast souvenir “PARIS” magnet with 2 small pieces of strong magnets at the back. We anticipated a challenge, suspecting that the small magnets might not have sufficient contact with the magnetic painted wall.

Choy Wai taped up a section of the wall with masking tape and applied a nice thin coat of magnetic paint. After the first coat dried, CW tested it with a piece of neodymium magnet, and it already attached to the wall.

After the 5th coat of magnetic paint dried to the touch, the “PARIS” die-casted magnet was able to attach to the wall. However, there was still some magnetic paint left, so he proceeded to paint 2 more coats (approximately 7 coats in total) for stronger magnetic receptiveness. Regular white emulsion paint was then applied over the black magnetic painted section to ensure the whole wall was one consistent color.

The final result? A beautifully innocent-looking wall that magically showcases the souvenir magnets along with their magnificent journey and stories.”

Titan Magnetics Notes:
– Not suitable for rough, bumpy, textured, sandstone, rockstone walls.
– Need at least 5 coats (or more) of magnetic paint (instead of 3 coats).
– Some heavy souvenir magnets might not attach to wall.
– Some souvenir magnets might need to add or modify the original magnet at the back.
– Strong magnet with large contact area works better on magnetic painted wall.
– Flat and light weight souvenir magnets higher possiblility to work vs Protruding and heavy types.

If the original back magnets are too weak, one option is simply to attach additional neodymium magnets to the original ones to make it stronger.

If the original back magnets are too small or already dropped out, can also use rubber magnetic tape to stick to flat back souvenir.

If the souvenir is large and flat, can consider using our A4 size magnetic sheet with adhesive cut to the required shape and size.

Photo credits of painting process and souvenir magnets: Choy Wai


Front and Back of Souvernir Magnet

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