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Flexible Adhesive Rubber Magnetic Tape with 3M Adhesive 20mm x 2mm


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10 meters - 8% (1 roll of 10 meters*)
30 meters - 12% (3 rolls of 10 meters*)
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Suitable for holding light weight, flat objects like plastic, cardboard signs on to metal surfaces. Sold in incremental length of 1 meter.

Flexible Rubber Magnetic Strips with 3M Adhesive 10mm x 1.5mm Click here to order.

This flexible magnet with 3M adhesive lets you conveniently attach non-magnetic objects to metal surfaces.

This adhesive rubber magnetic tape with 3M adhesive lets you conveniently attach non-magnetic objects to metal surfaces.

The width is 20mm and thickness of 2mm, can be easily cut to desired length with a pair of scissors.

For best results, always clean surface with alcohol solution or alcohol pad to ensure surface are clean and free of grease, oil or any liquid before sticking on 3M adhesive side.

Below shows how you can convert your cordless phone to a fridge magnet with just 10cm strip of 2cm wide x 2mm thick flexible magnetic tape : ).
Flat object with flat backing have a better chance of succeeding, magnet attaching to a thick metal surface will have better magnetic receptiveness compared to a thin metal.

10cm Magnetic Tape on Cordless Phone Convert to Fridge Magnet

10cm Magnetic Tape convert Cordless Phone into Fridge Magnet

Magnetic Tape With 3M Adhesive 20mm width x2mm thick

As shown below, a desk calculator weighing 120g attached to a fridge door using 2 strips of 1cm x 9cm flexible adhesive magnetic tape (narrower and thinner flexible magnet).

If using 20mm x 2mm  flexible magnet instead, probably half the length at the right spots on the calculator will do the job.


Flexible Magnet attach Desktop Calculator to Fridge

Adhesive rubber magnetic tape attach 120g Desktop Calculator to Fridge

Flexible Magnets attached to calculator

Adhesive rubber magnetic tape attached to calculator

Adhesive force is 65g/cm² under ideal condition, actual usage varies according to composition of metal, surface texture, coating (thickness of paint/vinyl), angle, shape of object (affect leverage of object weight)

Magnetic Field Viewer reveal Multi-poles of 20mm wide Anisotropic Flexible Magnet Strip.

Magnetic Field Viewer reveal Multi-poles of 20mm wide Anisotropic Flexible Magnetic Strip.

This flexible magnet is multi-pole, anisotropically magnetised, hence offers higher strength compared to other standard flexible magnetic tape.

However the magnetic strength is nowhere comparable to neodymium type magnet.

Flexible Magnet cut to size

Adhesive rubber magnetic tape easily cut to size with regular scissors

Rubber magnetic surface has good friction to reduce slipping or sliding on vertical smooth metal surfaces.

Benefit of Flexible Rubber Magnetic Tape:
– Flexible and easily cut to size
– Good friction to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces
– Does not break easily
– Good resistance to corrosion
– Relatively safer compared to neodymium

Can be used with Magnetic Paint to attach postcards, photos, calendars and etc. to a wall painted with magnetic paint.

You can also try our printable magnetic paper that has a larger magnetic surface area.

Note: Not suitable as a magnetic base to attach neodymium type magnets. This flexible magnet will get de-magnetise on contact with neodymium magnets due to the extreme magnetic strength of neodymium magnets.

Flexible Magnet Damaged by Neodymium Magnet

Flexible Magnet Damaged by Neodymium Magnet as seen thru a sheet of magnetic field viewer.

Appx. Weight of flexible magnet per meter: 143g
Sold in multiple of 1 meter, price shown are per meter

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