Discover the Convenience of Neodymium Magnets with 3M Adhesive

Titan Magnetics range of neodymium magnets equipped with 3M adhesive, offering you endless possibilities in a compact package. From organization hacks to DIY projects, these versatile magnets are here to stick around and make your life easier.


Neodymium Magnets with 3M Adhesive range of sizes
Neodymium Magnets 3M Adhesive Foam

Dia. 20mm dia x 2mm 4pcs/pack

Strong magnetic holding force, indoor use

N35 Neodymium Magnets Black Epoxy Plated 4pcs facing paired with 3M VHB Adhesive diameter 20mm size

Dia. 20mm dia x 2mm 4pcs/pack

Water resistant, outdoor use

Disc Magnets with 3M Adhesive 20pcs

Dia. 10mm dia x 1mm 20pcs/pack

Moderate strength, indoor use

20pcs Small Neodymium Magnets with 3M Adhesive Facing Pair AM-D8x08

Dia. 8mm dia x 0.8mm 20pcs/pack

Weak strength, indoor use

Why Neodymium Magnets with 3M Adhesive?

Let’s start with the basics. Neodymium magnets, often hailed as the strongest type of permanent magnet available commercially, boast unparalleled strength vs size ratio. When paired with 3M adhesive, these magnets become even more versatile, allowing you to easily attach them to various surfaces without the need for drilling or additional tools.

Unleash Your Creativity

With our range of neodymium magnets with 3M adhesive, the only limit is your imagination. Here are just a few ways you can put these powerful magnets to use:

1. Home Organization: Say goodbye to cluttered spaces! Use these magnets to organize your kitchen utensils, hang keys by the door, or create a magnetic spice rack on the fridge. With their strong adhesive backing, you can trust these magnets to hold your items securely in place.

2. DIY Projects: Get crafty with magnets! Whether you’re building a magnetic whiteboard, designing a magnetic photo display, or creating custom refrigerator magnets, our neodymium magnets with 3M adhesive are the perfect choice. Their small size and strong hold make them ideal for a wide range of DIY projects.

3. Office Solutions: Keep your workspace neat and tidy with the help of these magnets. Use them to hold documents, organize cables, or display important reminders on your whiteboard. Their discreet design ensures they won’t detract from the aesthetic of your office space.

4. Hobby Applications: Whether you’re a model enthusiast, a DIY hobbyist, or a crafter extraordinaire, these magnets are sure to come in handy. Use them to secure parts during assembly, create movable elements in your projects, or even as closures for handmade bags and wallets.

5. Educational Tools: Make learning fun with magnetic educational tools! Create interactive games and puzzles for children, or use magnets to demonstrate scientific principles in the classroom. With their strong adhesive backing, these magnets can be easily incorporated into educational materials and displays.

Neodymium Magnets With Adhesive Water Resistant AM-50x10x2-EP

50x10x2mm, 2pcs/pack

Water resistant, outdoor use

Strong magnets with 3M VHB Adhesive

20x10x2mm, 4pcs/pack

Strong magnetic, Indoor use

Adhesive Neodymium Magnets Epoxy Plated 1mm thick

20x10x1mm, 6pcs/pack

Water resistant, outdoor use

Super Strong Magnets with 3M Adhesive

20x10x1mm, 6pcs/pack

Moderate magnetic, Indoor use

Benefits of Neodymium Magnets with 3M Adhesive

So, what sets our magnets apart from the rest? Here are just a few benefits you can expect:

1. Unmatched Strength: Thanks to their neodymium composition, these magnets offer unparalleled strength and holding power. No matter the size or shape, you can trust these magnets to get the job done.

2. Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installation processes! With their 3M adhesive backing, these magnets can be easily attached to a variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, plastic, and more. Simply peel and stick for instant magnetic functionality.

3. Versatile Use: From home organization to DIY projects to educational tools, the possibilities are endless with our neodymium magnets with 3M adhesive. With their compact size and strong hold, these magnets can be used in a wide range of applications.

4. Genuine N35 Grade: Our magnets are Genuine N35 Grade made from high-quality materials. Triple Plated Nickel-Copper-Nickel is our standard plating (Sliver appearance) if you’re using them indoors OR choose Epoxy Plated (Black appearance) for water resistant outdoor usage. Choose one that suits your need.

Get Your Neodymium Magnets with 3M Adhesive Today!

Ready to experience the power of neodymium magnets with 3M adhesive for yourself? Browse our selection today and unlock endless possibilities for organization, creativity, and more. With their unmatched strength and versatility, these magnets are sure to become an essential part of your toolkit. Order now and start sticking with Titan Magnetics!

Neodymium Magnet Handling: Tips for Best Performance and Outcomes

While neodymium magnets offer unparalleled strength and versatility, it’s important to handle them with care to ensure both safety and optimal performance. Here are some tips for safe and effective handling of neodymium magnets:

Magnet Tips – Avoid Impact: Neodymium magnets are brittle and can chip or break upon impact, especially when 2 or more pieces of neodymium magnets accidentally “jumps” together with great impact resulting in breakage on collision. Handle them with care to prevent damage and ensure longevity.

Adhesive Tips – Clean Flat Surfaces: For optimal and long lasting adhesive results, ensure surfaces are clean, flat and solid before peeling and sticking on the adhesive side. If situation permits, it is always good to secure with additonal schotts tape over the magnet to reinforce the built in adhesive as neodymium magnet pull force are really great, it may cause the adhesive to eventually giveway. Reinforcing with a layer of tape over the neodymium magnet also lessen the possiblities of magnet breakage due to impact as the tape reduces some direct impact from the magnet during attraction/closure.

Apply Pressure and Allow Time for Adhesive Bonding – 3M Adhesive are pressure sensitive, meaning firmly pressing on the whole magnet surface will allow the adhesive to get good full contact bond with surface. Quality of bond will achieve it’s full potential after appx 48 hours thanks to micro bonding at the chemical level. Hence allow time for adhesive to achieve complete bonding by minimizing load or pulling action during the initial 48 hours period.

Some plastic surface are not adhesive friendly regardless of the qualities of adhesive bonding due to the plastic’s chemical composition. In those cases, we recommend mechanical bonding by using our screw friendly countersunk neodymium magnets.

– Keep Away from Electronics: Neodymium magnets can interfere with electronic devices and magnetic storage media such as credit cards, hard drives, and pacemakers. Keep magnets away from these items to avoid potential damage or malfunction.

– Use Caution Around Metal Objects: Neodymium magnets are extremely strong and can attract to metal objects with significant force. Exercise caution when handling magnets near metal surfaces to prevent pinching or trapping fingers.

– Store Properly: When not in use, store neodymium magnets in a safe and secure location away from children and pets. Avoid storing magnets near electronic devices or other sensitive equipment to prevent accidental damage.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure safe and effective performance of neodymium magnets in your everyday applications.

Safety Precautions When Using Neodymium Magnets

1. Keep Away from Children and Pets: Neodymium magnets are small and can pose a choking hazard if swallowed. Keep magnets out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion.

2. Avoid Pinching: Neodymium magnets are extremely strong and can cause painful pinching if fingers or skin become caught between magnets or between a magnet and a metal surface. Exercise caution when handling magnets to avoid injury.

4. Be Mindful of Magnetic Fields: Neodymium magnets produce strong magnetic fields that can affect nearby objects and electronic devices. Avoid placing magnets near sensitive equipment or items that may be affected by magnetic fields.

5. Seek Medical Attention if Ingested: If a neodymium magnet is ingested, seek immediate medical attention. Swallowed magnets can cause serious internal injuries and require prompt medical intervention.

Always prioritize safety first!