Magnetic Inkjet Paper A4


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Magnetic Inkjet Paper A4 – From Titan Magnetics Magnetive™ Series
Choice of Matte or Gloss.
Print your own personalised fridge magnets, magnetic name cards, posters, decorations, crafts or magnetic signs using regular inkjet printers. Cut your printed Magnetive™ Paper with scissors or penknife. Our Magnetive Inkjet Paper works with wide range of home and office inkjet printers. Use it to decorate fridge, whiteboard or as giveaways.

Magnetive™ inkjet papers are made of printable paper material on one side and flexible rubber magnet on the opposite side. Which are really convenient materials for a wide range of applications.

A4 Size Printable Magnetic Inkjet Paper

Unlike the traditional process of crafting which requires printing your designs on paper, gluing it to a thin sheet of rubber magnet and cutting it to shape. With our inkjet printable magnetic sheets, you can just print and cut to get nice professional fridge magnets, labels or signs that easily attach to metal surfaces!

See the difference in the print quality of our Magnetic Inkjet Paper in High-Resolution print vs Normal Paper with Fast or Draft Resolution print.
We suggest using normal paper to test print your artwork and make adjustments before printing the final artwork on magnetic paper using High Quality or Photo Quality setting of your inkjet printer.

Magnet Inkjet Paper vs Normal Paper.

Here are just some of the places in which can benefit from using magnetic inkjet sheets:
– Home
– Office
– Cafe
– Retail
– Workshop
– Hospital
– Laboratories
– Classrooms
– Warehouse
– and many more…

Magnetic Paper Usages

Combine with our Magnetive™ Paint (Magnetic Paint that turns walls into magnetic receptive surfaces) and the possibilities are endless!

5 sheets of A4 size printable magnetic inkjet paper in a single pack.
Size per sheet: 210x297x0.3mm

Magnetic Inkjet Printable Papers A4 size - Magnetic Paper Singapore

General guide for deciding to use Gloss or Matte magnetic inkjet paper.
Both our Gloss or Matte Magnetic Inkjet Papers are capable of using the high-resolution quality print setting from your inkjet printer. Using the best quality print setting of your inkjet printer will produce superior printouts compared to normal 80gsm copy papers as the regular copy papers are not optimised for high-resolution print quality.

Choose Gloss type of magnetic inkjet paper if you intend to print mostly photographs, graphics or posters with large bold fonts. Gloss magnetic paper when used with the photo quality or highest quality setting of your inkjet printer produces outstanding photos or graphic print with vivid colour and sharpness.

Choose Matte type of magnetic inkjet paper if your print contents comprise plenty of paragraph text in regular size reading fonts. This is especially true when your desired location for displaying your printout has plenty of spotlighting or hard light source that may cause glare on high gloss surface. Glossy surfaces are relatively more attractive than matte surfaces, but they also reflect more lights and this can cause difficulties in reading regular sized fonts or fine-prints on some part of the printout that are glared by surround light source.

Magnetive A4 Inkjet Paper for Crafts and DIY Fridge Magnets

Cutouts from printed magnetic inkjet papers work wonderfully with magnetic painted walls.
Where to buy magnetic paint in Singapore?

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