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SuperCombo Neodymium Magnets Sample Package


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SuperCombo Neodymium Magnets Sample Package (Qualify for Free Local Registered Post Delivery)


This package of strong neodymium magnets is recommended for it’s great value, varieties and usefulness,

Thoughtfully selected after months of usage, experiments and feedbacks from our wonderful customers (once again, Thank you 😉

And ruthlessly eliminated to fit in a nice, small and handy tin, it’s a joy to hold and blessing to use.

60pcs SuperCombo Neodymium Magnets Sample Pack Unboxing and Contents

To start with, it include a QuikBaseTM Decorative metal base plate (not magnet) that extends the convenience of magnets beyond fridge doors.

QuikBase for Remote Control and Key Holders

QuikBaseTM comes with foam type self-adhesive peel-n-use backing to stick on concrete, wood, plastic, aluminium, surfaces that you normally can’t use magnets on… with QuikBaseTM, it is possible.

Install QuikBaseTM  next to your room light switch to hang your keys or remote control.

Second on the list are 2 Large and 2 Small Push Pin type neodymium magnets and a 25mm metal ring.

Use the push pin neodymium magnets together with QuikBaseTM to hang key ring or even key pouch, that is what the included metal ring are for. (btw, the large pin magnets can be used to remove hard-to-reach batteries eg AA, AAA or button type. Great finger nails saver!)

QuikBase – Magnetic Remote Control/ Key Chain Holder – Buy QuikBase Combo Magnetic Remote Control Holder

What about the Neodymium Block Magnets, Neodymium Disc Magnets and Neodymium Cylinders Magnets?

The 2 pieces of block neodymium magnets 20x10x2mm are flat and very strong for it’s size.

Use clear adhesive and tape 1 piece of this block neodymium magnet to large remote control, you can now attach it to QuikBaseTM or any metal surfaces that are easily within reach.

The other 2 pieces of  block neodymium magnets 20x5x3mm, thanks to its narrower shape… works well for cylindrical objects.

Bind 1 piece with a flat type rubber band to your emergency flash light and snap to metal desk legs or metal doors, inside or outside easily within reach. Remember the last time you searched thru drawers for a flash light in darkness?

You can also use the modified flash light as a temporary night light that holds itself to any metal surfaces!

I’ve  taped the narrow block neodymium magnet to the narrow stand of my USB powered fan and attached it to the side of my computer tower, saves a chunk of precious desk pace and makes height adjustments literally a breeze!

There are 10 pcs of small, slim and strong Disc Neodymium Magnets 10mm dia x 1mm. Attach a piece each to stapler, metal ruler, letter opener, scissors, nail clippers, pen-knifes and soon you’ll realize that your desk/tabletop suddenly becomes neater, more spacious and you feel more productive! You spend less time searching for stuff as these frequently used items are in plain sight and easy reach. It’s really a snap!

Oh, and I stuck 2 pcs on my metal desk frame, 1 pcs holds about 5-6 pieces of paper clip and another holds my USB extension cable (the metal part of USB head) which I use infrequently.

The 4 bigger disc neodymium magnets are really useful in the kitchen, holds metal tongs, scoops etc from the edge of cooker hood, holds metal tins to side of fridge.

Various Ways to Use Disc Neodymium Magnets 15mm dia x 1.5mm – Buy Strong Neodymium Disc Magnets 

Neodymium disc magnets

Neodymium disc magnets are great helpers in the kitchen, workshop or garage.

Next we have the collection of Adhesive Neodymium MagnetsQuikDiscsTM  Slim Neodymium 10mm dia. x 1mm thin and QuikDiscTM  Ultra Slim Neodymium 8mm dia. x 0.75mm thin!

Stick 2 pcs of QuikDiscsTM  Slim Neodymium to the back of air con remote control, for good measure, tape clear adhesive over QuikDiscsTM  to hold them permanently in place. You can now attach aircon remote to QuikBaseTM  or by your bedside (if there are metal objects/frames). Alternatively you can stick an additional pair of QuikDiscsTM  to any flat, hard and smooth surface that you wish to snap your remote. As recommended, tape clear adhesive over QuikDiscsTM  to increase the adhesive surface area for better grip. (Take note of magnet polarity if you are using 2 pairs, make sure they are facing pair and align them properly before applying pressure to stick them in place)

QuikDiscsTM  Ultra Slim Neodymium are useful in confined space, limited flat surface area eg. both ends of a micro USB cable.

QuikDisc-on USB-cable

QuikDisc-on USB-cable

Stick a matching pair to both end on the plastic part and leave it to cure for at least 1hrs for better adhesion (never stick or allow any neodymium magnet to come in contact with the metal parts, neodymium magnet is a conductor of electric current).
You can now coil the USB cable up and attach both ends neatly so it stays together when not in use!

QuikDisc – Adhesive Neodymium Dis Magnets Solves Problems for USB Cables, Hardware, Camera Lens Holder, Remote Control Holder. – (Buy QuikDisc Neodymium Magnets with Self-Adhesive)

QuikDiscsTM  Ultra Slim Neodymium can also be used on back of photo prints to decorate your fridge or metal locker for a really dynamic “photo wall”

And what is the use of the 4 metal balls (common steel balls, not magnet) with 6 long Cylinder Neodymium Magnets?

Well, that my friend… is for you to relax, unwind and have fun building a 3 sided pyramid (aka tetrahedron)

After all, your desk should be mostly free of clutters by now. So, what better and worthy ways to waste it than with an intelligent looking piece of magnetic art!

More likely, it will be a conversation piece.

 List of items in package:

• 1x QuikBaseTM 80x40x1mm* (Leave a remark during checkout to indicate choice of QuikBase Style: Cherry Wood Vinyl, Walnut Wood Vinyl or Hairline Steel Vinyl)
• 10x QuikDiscTMSlim
• 12x QuikDiscTM Ultra-Slim
• 2x QuikTabTM 20x10x1mm
• 2x Push Pins dia. 19x25mm
• 2x Push Pins dia. 12x20mm
• 4x Discs dia. 15×1.5mm
• 10x Discs dia. 10x1mm
• 2x Blocks 20x10x2mm
• 2x Blocks 20x5x3mm
• 2x Cylinders dia. 10x10mm
• 6x Cylinders dia. 4x24mm
• 4x Steel Balls dia. 8mm*
• 1x Metal Key Ring dia. 8mm*

* non magnet items

Total 60pcs in package.

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children