QuikBase – Decorative Metal Base with Self-Adhesive Back 8cm x 4cm x 1mm


This product is entitled to bulk discount:
2 Pieces - 5%,
3 Pieces - 10%,
4 Pieces - 15%,
5 Pieces - 20%.


QuikBaseTM Decorative metal base plate allows the use of neodymium magnets on places beyond your fridge doors.

Simply peel off the foam type self-adhesive backing and position it on smooth, flat and rigid surfaces, for examples smooth painted wall, partition board, wooden cabinet, glass, smooth plastic surfaces.

Position it portrait style (vertical) to snap remote controls that has QuikDiscQuikTab or strong Neodymium Magnets attached to it.

QuikBase as Remote Control Base

Position it landscape style and place some disc neodymium magnets or pushpin neodymium magnets to use it as a key holder, with a QuikBaseTM Magnetic Combo Set it’s hard to imagine having to look for lost keys or remote controls again!

QuikBase - Key holders in Landscape position

One highly recommended place for QuikBaseTM is somewhere near your room light switch.
Once you enter the room, switch on the lights, air-conditioner and hang your keys in plain sight ready for your next outing!.
This minimizes the chances of forgetting or misplacing your keys.

QuikBase for Remote Control and Key Holders

Available in a range of decorative surfaces to match your home or office interior.

Front – Decorative vinyl
Back – 2 Strips of Foam Type Self-Adhesive
Material – 1mm laser cut sheet metal

Choose from 2 decorative styles:
– Walnut Wood Vinyl (Dark Chocolate Brown)
– Cherry Wood Vinyl (Reddish Brown)
Actual colour and texture will differ slight from screen image.


QuikBase- Walnut Wood Vinyl

QuikBase- Walnut Wood Vinyl

QuikBase-Cherry Wood Vinyl

QuikBase-Cherry Wood Vinyl

QuikBaseTM itself is not magnetised.

Contains 1 pcs of QuikBaseTM Decorative Metal Base.

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