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Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard – Magnetic Base 120 x 90cm 0.5mm


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Flexible Whiteboard – Magnetic Base can easily attach to any flat metal surface!
Ready to ship convenient size of 1.2m x 90cm each roll.

Repositionable Removable Reusable!

No need to worry about which type of double-sided adhesive to use. No more damage to painted surfaces, just attach to any ferrous metal surfaces like fridge door, metal door, metal racks, metal shelves, container wall, vehicle surfaces, cruise ship, vessels, metal drums and many more!

Freedom to put it up when needed and store away when not in use, ideal for children different growing stages without having to install on a fixed location permanently.

Able to cut to odd sizes or shapes to suit your unique and creative needs.

Flexible Whiteboard Roll Magnetic Back 120x90cm

Flexible Magnet Whiteboard Roll

Only 0.5mm thick! even curved surfaces can be used for writing with a whiteboard marker.

Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard Advantages:
– Write, draw or scribble smoothly
– Dry erase effortlessly
– Eliminate chalkboard dust
– Turn flat or curved surface into writing board
– Cut to any shapes and size with scissors
– No adhesive or double sided tape required
– Cost-effective
– Save space
– Easy to install
– Easy to remove
– Reusable
– Portable
– Relatively lightweight
– Kids love it

Flexible Rubber Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet
Above: Smilely, thumbs up and magnet in speech bubble are cutout from printed A4 Magnetic Inkjet Paper matte.

Special Note:
Magnetic Reverse Side
The reverse side of this flexible whiteboard sheet has alternating lines of north and south polarity, this enables the reverse side to attach itself to ferrous metal surfaces and wall painted with magnetic paint.

Whiteboard Front Side
The front side is smooth whiteboard surface. When written with whiteboard markers, it can be dry erased easily with whiteboard eraser, cloth or tissue papers. The front side can also attach magnetic A4 papers or cutouts from magnetic papers, flexible magnet tape or most flexible rubber type of magnets.

Neodymium Magnets may damage the reverse magnetic side on contact spot!
Although it can also attach neodymium type of strong magnets, we do not recommend it as the excessive magnetic strength of neodymium magnets may damage the magnetic line on the reverse side of this magnetic flexible whiteboard (on the spot that comes in contact with neodymium magnet). But if you are consistently using a few pieces of small neodymium magnets on the same spot, it should be alright, just make sure the larger area of the sheet magnetic field is undamaged.

Where to buy magnetic paint in Singapore?

Thickness: 0.5mm (+/- 0.1mm)
Roll size: 1.2m x 90cm
Units of measurement: Sold in individual roll

Dry Erase with Flexible Magnetic Base Singapore

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