Office Magnet Neodymium with Steel Cap 30mm Dia.


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Titan Magnetics dia.30mm neodymium magnet with steel cap is unlike the usual plastic type magnet that slides down the whiteboard if you try to put more than 5 sheets of A4 size paper between magnet and whiteboard.

This super strong neodymium powered, steel clad warrior can easily hold 20 sheets of 80gsm A4  size paper, more if the metal surface is thicker. So if you are a storm chaser or field commander that thrives among the harsh outdoor working conditions, laying out blueprints and maps on the side of military vehicles in windy condition, no ordinary magnets can hold position as well as this metal warrior!

Now back to reality… more likely than the heroic scene mentioned above are times that you’ve tried putting ordinary magnets on magnetic glass board only to see it slipping down hopelessly on it’s own weight, you haven’t even start putting papers in between! This steel clad office magnet can still hold around 3-4 sheets of A4 papers on a good quality magnetic glass board.

Use with caution when attaching directly on to thick metal surface as it takes some strong fingers to pry it off thick metal surface (On white board generally it is quite easy as most white board metal are quite thin). It is easier to slide off the edges of metal surface rather than to pull or pluck it up directly.

Dia.30 pin magnet holds 25sheets of A4 Size papers

Rare earth pin magnet holds 10 empty envelopes

neodymium magnetic glass board pin magnet

Below: Top and bottom views of the neodymium magnet in steel casing

magnetic glass board pin magnets dia. 30mm

What are some other use of this steel cap neodymium magnets?
On a metal bomb shelter door, you can try attach a pairs of jeans or jacket using one or two of these strong holding magnet, not that you need, but if you want to just for the fun… no hooks required!

Dia. 30mm Pin Magnet hold a pair of jeans

Steel Office Magnet Dia. 30mm Specifications

Diameter of Steel Cap: 30mm
Diameter of Recess: 27mm
Height: 9mm
Weight: Appx 42.5g

Comprises of 1pcs dia. 30mm Office Steel Magnet.

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children