Disc Neodymium Magnets N35 6mm dia x 2mm 20pcs/pack


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Disc Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets, 6mm dia x 2mm 20pcs/pack

Small Disc Rare Earth N35 Magnets that fits almost anywhere, great for craft and DIY projects, photo walls, model making, diorama etc

20pcs Small Disc Rare Earth N35 Magnets

Disc Rare Earth Magnet D6x2mm

– Convert a Li 18650 flat top battery to a button top type using a single piece of D6mm x 2mm rare earth magnet!
– Put a few pieces on the side of your cooker hood and it holds metal tongs, scoop or tuner within reach while cooking.
– Put 1-2 pieces on the inside of box of tea bags or beverage boxes and it will stick neatly to the side of your fridge, freeing up valuable work space.
– Put 2 pieces inside tissue box and attach it to any metal surfaces. (Just remember to take out the magnets when discarding empty box.)

Neodymium disc magnets

Office and Home

Snap a few pieces of these magnets to the sides of your table legs or structure to…
– hold a bunch of paper clips for easy access
– snap your stapler or metal ruler
– snap your USB cable by the metal connector when not in use

Voilà you’ve got a clear and uncluttered desk in seconds!

– Keep 1-2 pieces handy in your key porch to test if cooking pots or pans is induction cooker friendly.


Diameter: 6mm
Thickness: 2mm
Weight: 0.41g appx.
Grade: N35
Plating: NiCuNi
Magnetisation: Thru 2mm thickness
Max. Operating Temperature: 80 ° C
Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm

Each pack contains 20 pieces of 6mm dia. x mm N35 rare earth disc magnets.

Disc Magnetisation Orientation

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

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