Steel Balls 5/16″ dia (7.93mm) 10pcs/pack – Not Magnet!


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Steel Balls Non-Magnetic 5/16″ dia. (Appx. 8mm diameter) 10pcs/pack

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Metal Ball Steel Ball Iron Ball Bearing 8mm Not Magnet


Steel balls, Iron Balls, Metal Balls, whatever you call it, these are appx. 8mm diameter ferrous metal balls that can be attracted to magnets! They are NOT Stainless Steel ball and certainly NOT Magnet or magnetic. But they are magnet receptive (attach to magnet like a piece of metal)

These common steel balls are not magnets!

However they are ferrous metal that attracts magnets.

Use these for pairing with magnets, science projects or experiments.

Steel balls might be coated with grease to prevent rust, grease can be cleaned off if necessary.

These are not toys, small parts object with risk of swallowing, NOT suitable for young children below age of 14 years old.

Caution: Accident risk of causing fall if left unattended on floor or walkway!

Steel Balls size 5/16" 7.93mm Dia.