Invisible Magnetic Remote Control Holder Set of 2


Universal remote control holder, no drilling of holes. Easy to attach and detach remote controls, one base compatible with various remote controls.

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Do away with screws and clumsy remote control holders that comes originally with your remote.
Not only do they require screws and holes, they are quite an ugly sight in an otherwise homely interior.

Invisible magnetic remote control holder set

Titan Magnetics set of ultra thin black metal base with flexible magnetic tape is ideal for the regular remote control (air-con, fan, lights, TV, projector etc…)
Installation is simple.
– Stick the thin black metal base on any flat, clean and smooth surfaces.
– Stick the flexible magnetic tape to the back of flat remote control.
– Wait for 48hrs for both the adhesive to cure.
You can now attach your remote control to the metal base.
If your remote control is bigger than 4.5 x 6.5cm, the metal base is now practically “Invisible”!  ; )

(There’s a clear protective film on the black metal face, can be removed after installation or leave it there if you are worried of scratches)

Each set comes with 2 Black Metal Base and 2pcs of 10cm x 2cm x 2mm Magnetic Tape, hence you can use it for 2 remote controls. (Remote controls not included)
Great as a universal remote control holder or replacement for damaged or lost remote control holders. With just one base, this can accept different remote controls of various shapes and sizes.

Tested to hold remote controls up to 200g, most of the household remote controls for air-con, fan, lights, tv, set-top boxes etc. are below 200g.
Flat back rectangular remote controls below 200g is ideal for sticking the magnetic tape, some curved, odd shaped or textured back remote control might not be suitable for the magnetic tape adhesive to get a good grip. Before ordering, please check your remote control and wall surfaces to ensure it is suitable.
Just to note that the magnetic tape will add a thickness of 2mm to your remote control, and the metal base attached to wall is approximately 0.5mm thin.

Magnetic Tape For Variou Sizes of Remote Controls

Magnetic Invisible Remote Control Holder 2 sets

With it’s convenient peel and stick adhesive back, you can stick the metal base on flat and smooth surfaces :
– Glass
– Aluminum
– Tiles
– Wood (Smooth painted)
– Hard Plastic (certain types)
In general, most hard surfaces that are clean, flat, smooth and non-porous should work well with the metal base adhesive.

Surfaces that are Not Suitable (non-exhaustive examples):
– Fabric
– Paper
– Rubber
– Concrete wall
– Curved surface
– Greasy surface
– Textured surface
– Porous surface

Package consist of:
– 2 pieces of Black Metal Base 4.5cm x 6.5cm x 0.5mm with 3M Adhesive Back
– 2 pieces of 10cm x 2cm x 2mm Flexible Magnetic Tape with 3M Adhesive