Flexible Magnetic Sheet with Adhesive A4 0.8mm


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A4 Size Flexible Magnetic Sheet with Adhesive is 0.8mm thick after removing the white adhesive release paper.

Flexible Magnetic Sheet with Adhesive A4 x 0.8mm

Actual Thickness Magnetic Sheet DIY Hobby Magnet

Flexible Fridge Magnet Double Sided adhesive A4

Great for Art and Craft, Hobby, education, home office, DIY projects, home decorations, fridge magnets and cards!

Cut to any shape and size you wish with a pair of scissors or pen-knife.

Flexible Rubber Magnetic sheet Cutting

Create your own fridge magnets by printing on your own paper and stick it to the adhesive side, you can even print photos or cards and magnetize it with this self-adhesive magnet sheet!

0.8mm thick is also relatively strong to attach 3mm thick acrylic or flat and light weight objects, just make sure to use larger area of magnetic sheet and test the weight before use.

A4 Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet

Works best with full direct contact on smooth metal surfaces!

Size:297 x 210 mm ( A4 )
Gross Thickness : 0.9mm
Net Thickness : 0.8mm (After removal of adhesive release paper)
Gross Weight: Appx 170g/ sheet
Appearance: White side Adhesive non-magnetic, Black side magnetic


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