MagMosaic™ – Flexible Magnetic Adhesive Tiles



MagMosaic™ – Flexible Magnetic Adhesive Tiles by Titan Magnetics

Pre-cut Magnetic Convenience! These economical pre-cut soft magnetic sheets with adhesive backing are neat and easy to use. Magnetize your photo-prints, notices, posters, rosters, learning aids, flashcards, namecards, greeting cards and even flat bank tokens. It is neat, wafer thin and really handy, to magnetize flat and light weight items,

Simply peel a piece of adhesive MagMosaic™ from the sheet and stick it to your card, you can now attach this card to whiteboard, fridge, metal racks or any metal surfaces! Shift it around, remove it and reattach it as often as you like. This is the difference between using magnets and adhesive to post up short notices or posters, no more sticky residue.

And with a rubber magnet thickness of just 1mm (after removing from the release paper backing), your cards or flat objects will not stick out too much from the metal surface.
You can shift it around, remove from you metal surface or whiteboard without annoying traces of glue residue. Making you cards and posters totally reusable!

Available in 2 handy sizes of 2cm x 2cm and 4cm x 5cm mosaic. Each MagMosaic™ sheet contains from 30-140pcs of pre-cut convenience.

Rubber Magnetic Adhesive For Cards and Papercrafts

Just some of the items that could use a little magnetic help:
– teaching aids
– decorative cut-outs
– flash cards
– namecards
– photos
– posters
– menu
– and even bank tokens!

The relatively weak magnetic (compared to hard neodymium magnets) fields on MagMosaic™ tiles means no risks of getting finger pinched by strong magnets (something neodymium magnets are notorious for!)
But due to it’s weaker strength, a larger surface area will be required, hence it may be necessary to use more pieces of pre-cut flexible magnet tiles to hold heavier cards or papers.

2 sizes of pre-cut convenience to choose from:
– 2cm x 2cm Squares, 140pcs per sheet
– 4cm x 5cm Tiles, 30pcs per sheet

MagMosaic Pre-cut Adhesive Flexible Magnets from Titan Magnetics
Above: 2cm x 2cm Squares, 140pcs per sheet

MagMosaic-Pre-cut Adhesive Rubber Magnets 40x50mm
Above: 4cm x 5cm Tiles, 30pcs per sheet

MagMosaic-Precut Magnetic Squares 20x20x1mm
Above: 1mm  thick pre-cut rubber magnetic squares (appx 1.15mm thick before removal of release paper)

For each unit/quantity you purchase, you get 1 whole sheet of MagMosaic™  pre-cut magnetic goodness of the size you’ve choose.
EG. if you order 1 unit of “20x20x1mm-140pcs/sheet”, you’ll get 1 sheet that contains 140pcs of 2cm x 2cm pre-cut adhesive magnets.

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