Metal Tape with 3M Adhesive 20mm Width – White NOT Magnet


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2 meters - 3%
5 meters - 5%
10 meters - 8%
30 meters - 10%


Metal tape/ Metal strip (Aka. Ferrous Tape, Ferrous Strips) with 3M 9448A Adhesive is suitable for places where you wish to use magnets but surface is not magnet receptive, the 3M adhesive back is suitable for most  types of smooth and hard surfaces eg, glass, tiles, painted wood, certain types of plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, smooth painted concrete/partition wall.

Sold in length of 1 Meter per UNIT: eg. if you need 2 meters or 5meters, select 2 qty or 5 qty respectively.
We will ship in a single continuous roll for the qty that you’ve ordered.

Adhesive Metal strip for magnet easy cut ferrous tape

Metal Tape/Ferrous Strip is strip of metal for attaching magnets.

As the metal is very thin appx. (0.1mm without adhesive), small neodymium magnets, pin magnets and flexible magnetic tape will work well with this metal strip.

You can get really creative with the metal tape as it can be cut to desired length with a pair of scissors. The metal thinness also blends well on wall as it will not cast a long shadow due to the thickness.

Photo illustrations below show metal tape stick on wall as a base for print out letterings and graphics.
1) Printout letterings/graphics on A4 cards and cut to size
2) Stick magnetic tape* to the back of printed A4 letterings or graphics
3) Stick the required length of Metal Tape on smooth and flat wall
4) Attach the letterings/graphics magnetically and adjust freely

*choose thin magnetic tape or thick magnetic tape depending on the weight of your cards
the 2 air tickets can be pinned to the metal tape with a piece of large neodymium pin magnet, the pin magnet can also used for hanging balloons and ribbons!

Metal strip sign decoration Airport Board Text On Wall

Suitable usage with magnets:
– Decorations
– Photos, Cards, Signs, Drawings
– Light weight Photo Frames
– Hang light weight objects

Not Suitable for:
– Attaching big magnets or heavy objects
– Attaching heavy duty neodymium hook or mounting magnets

Photos below shows different magnets attached to the metal tape front:
from left.. dia. 16mm Small Hook magnet, King Pin Junior, Rectangle neodymium magnet, large pin magnet, plastic coated magnet, epoxy coated magnet and flexible magnetic tape 20mm x 2mm.
Adhesive Ferrous Tape Front and Back

Sold in multiple of 1 meter, base price is for 1 meter of metal tape with 3M adhesive
eg. if you order 5 meters, we will send a single roll measuring 5 meters of metal tape.

Warning: Handle with care! Metal tape roll are thin and edges may be sharp, coiled metal strips has the characteristic of coiled spring and sudden uncoiling action maybe hazardous to hands and face. Always handle coiled metal with a safe distance away from eyes and face, wear glove and face shield is recommended. Metal strips once firmly attached to flat, hard and smooth surfaces are generally safe to the touch, do consider the risk of metal strip end sections when installing at locations with high touch points, human traffic and toddlers.


Adhesive Metal Tape 1 meter roll

Metal strip with 3M Adhesive- 2meters roll

Adhesive Ferrous Tape 5 meters roll




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