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Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard – Iron Base 0.7mm


Sold out!

2 meters -5%
5 meters - 8%
10 meters - 12%
20 meters - 15%


Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard – Iron Base can easily convert any smooth surface into a whiteboard surface!

If you have your own preference of using different types of adhesive for mounting flexible whiteboard, this flexible magnetic whiteboard with iron base would be the ideal choice. It is thicker than the self-adhesive base and magnetic base version, hence the front side of flexible whiteboard has better magnet receptiveness (meaning magnets can attach better to the flexible whiteboard).

Despite it being a little thicker, you can still cut it to any shape and size you desired and paste it on any smooth, clean surfaces like plastic, tiles, painted walls, glass, painted wood, aluminum and metal surfaces using an adhesive of your choice. Carpenter might prefer using strong and reliable contact glue which to most people may be not so easy to apply. Office and home users might prefer to use heavy duty strips of 3M double sided adhesive tape.

The front is smooth whiteboard surface that allows dry erase of whiteboard markers using cloth, tissue paper or whiteboard eraser, it also has an excellent magnetic receptiveness for various types of magnets.

Magnets that can be used with this flexible magnetic whiteboard:
From weak to strong
Magnetic Inkjet Paper printouts
Flexible magnetic tape (rubber magnets)
– Ferrite Magnets
Small Neodymium Magnets
Medium Neodymium Magnets
Pin Neodymium Magnets

Able to cut to odd sizes or shapes to suit your unique and creative needs.

Thick Iron base flexible whiteboard magnetic

Flexible Magnet Whiteboard Roll

Only 0.7mm thick! even curved surfaces can be used for writing with a whiteboard marker.

Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard Advantages:
– Write, draw or scribble smoothly
– Dry erase effortlessly
– Eliminate chalkboard dust
– Turn flat or curved surface into writing board
– Cut to any shapes and size with scissors
– Use your own preferred choice of adhesive
– Easy to install
– Cost-effective
– Save space
– Relatively lightweight
– Kids love it

Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard Iron Based
Above: Smilely, thumbs up and magnet in speech bubble are cutouts from printed A4 Magnetic Inkjet Paper matte.

Special Note:
Iron Base Reverse Side
The reverse side of this flexible whiteboard sheet is plain UV treated (no magnetic polarity or self-adhesive), the entire sheet is made of iron rubber which has excellent magnetic receptiveness.

Whiteboard Front Side
The front side is smooth whiteboard surface. When written with whiteboard markers, it can be dry erased easily with whiteboard eraser, cloth or tissue papers. The front side can also attach magnetic A4 papers or cutouts from magnetic papers, flexible magnet tape, flexible rubber type of magnets, ferrite magnets, ceramic magnets and even super strong neodymium magnets.

Thickness of Iron Rubber Flexible Whiteboard

Thickness: 0.7mm (+/- 0.1mm)
Roll width: 600mm
Units of measurement: Sold in multiples of 1 meter.
Example, if you order 2 units, you will get 2 meters x 620mm of Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard.


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