Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard Adhesive Base
Flexible Whiteboard Adhesive Base - Peel and Paste
Flexible Magnet Whiteboard Roll - Singapore
Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard Adhesive Backing
Dry Erase with Flexible Magnetic Base Singapore

Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard – Adhesive Base 0.5mm


2 meters -3%
5 meters - 5%
10 meters - 8%


Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard with Adhesive Base can easily convert any smooth surface into a whiteboard surface!

New Wider Width Roll of 90cm!

No need to worry about which type of double-sided adhesive to use as this Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard comes with peel and use adhesive on its reverse side. This means you can cut it to any shape and size you desired and paste it on any smooth, clean surfaces like plastic, tiles, painted walls, glass, painted wood, aluminum and metal surfaces.

The front is smooth whiteboard surface that allows dry erase of whiteboard markers using cloth, tissue paper or whiteboard eraser, it is also a good magnetic receptive base for various types of magnets.

Magnets that can be used with this flexible magnetic whiteboard:
From weak to strong
Magnetic Inkjet Paper printouts
Flexible magnetic tape (rubber magnets)
– Ferrite Magnets
Small Neodymium Magnets
Medium Neodymium Magnets
Pin Neodymium Magnets

Able to cut to odd sizes or shapes to suit your unique and creative needs.

Flexible Magnet Whiteboard Roll

Only 0.5mm thick! even curved surfaces can be used for writing with a whiteboard marker.

Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard Advantages:
– Write, draw or scribble smoothly
– Dry erase effortlessly
– Eliminate chalkboard dust
– Turn flat or curved surface into writing board
– Cut to any shapes and size with scissors
– Ready to stick adhesive on reverse side
– Easy to install
– Cost-effective
– Save space
РRelatively lightweight
– Kids love it

Flexible Whiteboard Adhesive Base - Peel and Paste
Above: Smilely, thumbs up and magnet in speech bubble are cutouts from printed A4 Magnetic Inkjet Paper matte.

Special Note:
Adhesive Reverse Side
The reverse side of this flexible whiteboard sheet has peel and stick adhesive already applied, hence you can cut to any shape and size and stick it on any smooth surfaces.

Whiteboard Front Side
The front side is smooth whiteboard surface. When written with whiteboard markers, it can be dry erased easily with whiteboard eraser, cloth or tissue papers. The front side can also attach magnetic A4 papers or cutouts from magnetic papers, flexible magnet tape, flexible rubber type of magnets, ferrite magnets, ceramic magnets and even super strong neodymium magnets.

Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard Adhesive Backing

Thickness: 0.5mm (+/- 0.1mm)
Roll width: 90cm
Units of measurement: Sold in multiples of 1 meter. (Max. 10meters per roll)
Example, if you order 4 units of 90cm, you will get One Roll of 90cm x 4 meters long of Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard.

Dry Erase with Flexible Magnetic Base Singapore

Additional information

Weight 1.23 kg
Dimensions 95 × 90 × 90 cm
Flexible Whiteboard Width

90cm width

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