Pin Magnets Neodymium – Dia 19mmx25mm 6pcs Red


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Neopin- Pin Magnet Neodymium (NdFeB) – Dia 19mm x 25mm x 6pcs

These powerful “pin” magnet are no ordinary white-board magnet. They can safely hold up to 20 sheets* of A4 size papers.

They can be used on glass white board, refrigerator, magnetic white board and any ferromagnetic surfaces.

Depending on the thickness and texture of the surface, the performance varies.

– Refrigerator, White board, Metal Cabinet, Singapore bomb shelter (storeroom) door.
– Glass white board magnets
– Use on storeroom door to hold lightweight commonly used items
– Use 6 to 8pcs of these on metal shelves to hold up fabric/plastic curtains (keeping open shelves dust free)

Pin Magnets on Metal Door

MagnetPin-holds-20pcs-A4-Papers MagnetPin-holds-umbrella2

*Paper Test: Tested with 20pcs of 80gsm A4 papers on glossy refrigerator door. Can hold more if the metal surfaces are thicker and slightly matt (eg metal cabinet).
*Light-weight Umbrella Test: Umbrella weigh approximately 270g.
(Warning: Risk of scratches to glossy/polished surfaces from magnet sliding. Do not hang breakable items, sharp objects or objects which will cause injury, damage and harm if dropped.)


Large Pin Magnet also available in Black and White colour.

6 Pieces per pack

Model: PM-D19×25-RD

Type: Neodymium

Plating: Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni)

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

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