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Magnetic Adhesive Tape 19mmx3m with Clear Dispenser


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Magnetic Top, Adhesive Bottom. A simple and convenient helper to have in your stationery drawer.

Good New!, this magnetic tape is back in stock.
Same 3 meters of tape, just the clear dispenser casing is slightly bigger than before. : )

Magnetic Tape Singapore 19mm Wide - Titan Magnetics

Pull out the desired length required and tear it off the dispenser, no scissors or penknife needed and you don’t even have to peel off any wax release paper!
How convenient is that?

With this handy roll of adhesive magnetic tape, you can easily put up posters, notice, labels, postcards, photos, recipes and such without leaving any ugly glue stains or marks.
And how about being able to:
– Re-position it anytime you wish
– Slide each photos or notes around effortlessly
– Remove and reattach as required
– Reuse it over and over again

Magnetic Adhesive Craft Tape 19mm x 3meters with Clear Plastic Dispenser

How to Use:
– Tear off required length
– Attached adhesive side to paper or cards and apply firm pressure on entire length
– Attach exposed magnetic side with direct contact to metal surfaces

Adhesive Magnetic Tape with-Dispenser - Tear and Stick Magnet

Facts about this handy little magnetic critter:
– Super thin at 0.3mm thin
– Magnetic strength is considered weak compared to other thicker magnetic tape or neodymium magnets
– Sufficient to hold light weight papers and thin cards on metal surfaces like whiteboard, fridge door or any ferrous metal surfaces
– Works well with magnetic painted walls or magnetic paint
– Will get demagnetised when come in direct contact with neodymium magnets
– Relatively safe for children to handle

– Magnetic Tape Size: 19mm Wide x 0.3mm Thick x 3 meters Long
– Comes in a clear tape dispenser
– Overall size: 101x75x26.5mm
– Overall Weight appx. : 106g

What you get for an order of 1 qty:
– 1 roll of Flexible Adhesive Magnetic Tape in a clear pvc dispenser

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 5 cm

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