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Small Hook Neodymium Magnets – 16mm Dia – 4pcs


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Expectation Warning! :
These Small Hook Neodymium Magnets – 16mm Diameter are small size
Hence, expecting these little critters to do heavy duty magnetic lifting are just out of the question. But in a game of stealth, they are the crafty winner.

4pcs Small Magnetic Hooks Dia16mm Singapore Stocks

D16mm NdFeB Small Hook Magnets 4pcs D16mm Magnet with Small Holding Hook

Below photo demonstrates the power of using small hook magnets to utilize the underside of metal shelving for more storage and organizing space.

Small Hook Magnets on Metal Shelve

FAQs of 16mm diameter small neodymium hook magnets:

Q: How heavy can they hold?
Attached upside down to a fairly thick metal surface, it can hold appx 2kg max. of stable weight. (Scroll down for photo proof)
Considering our previous test of dia. 12mm Tiny Hook Magnet holding steady a 1kg load, this dia. 16mm hook magnet should do better.
And it did, at a whopping 2kg load, with just a difference of 4mm in diameter bigger than the dia. 12mm!
As usual, hook magnet attached sideways (shear force) is much weaker, we managed appx 600g of side way load.
That said, your metal thickness will affect the load of magnets. Attached it to a 5mm or thicker metal could yield better results.

Q: What are the advantages of being small?
Small hook magnets present really stealthy solution if you are hanging plenty of lightweight decorations or thin fishing lines, wires for display.
They are also most cost effective when you need to have many temporary points for hanging as removing and reusing it in other areas for different occasions is really fast and convenient.

Q: What are these tiny hook magnets for anyway?
There are situation where you’ve got just that tiny surface exposure of metal eg, the tip of a bolt head or screw that is just barely 10mm area.
A stronger but bigger dia. 42mm hook magnet, even if it is possible to attach magnetically, would not fully utilise it’s full holding strength, but this dia. 16mm hook magnet would be optimal.

Tips: Unscrew the hook to get a even smaller, shorter profile with an improved side way load.
For mounting flat panel object to metal wall, you can unscrew the hook and replace it with similar size screw or bolt to the 4 corners of a flat panel object (eg, aluminum sign plate, LED light panels etc). Removing the hook lowers the height profile which can improve the side way holding strength of the magnet.

Small Hook Magnet with 2kg load

Rare Earth Magnet with Detachable Hook

Below photo shows the sizes of dia.16mm and dia. 12mm hook magnets, both are very small size.

Mini Hook Neodymium Magnets d12 and d16mm

Small Hook Magnet D16mm Specifications

Base Diameter: 16mm
Base Height: 5mm
Base + Tread Height: 12.5mm
Overall Height: 34.3mm (appx)
Pull Separation Force: 2kg (Max.)

1 pack contains 4 pieces of dia. 16mm Hook Magnets.

Hook Magnet Warning

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets –  Keep away from children –

Small Parts! Risk of Choking! Not For Children Below 7 Years Old.


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