Ultra Strong Hook Eyelet Magnet Neodymium – 75mm Dia


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Neodymium Ultra Strong Hook Eyelet Magnet are powerful magnet set within a metal “pot” casing with a threaded hook or eyelet attached.

This Dia. 75mm pot/holding/mounting magnet comes with 2 types of screw-on attachments, Eyelet and Hook.

The 2 different attachments makes this Ultra Strong Hook Eyelet Magnet very versatile, as pot magnet of this size is incredibly strong and difficult to remove once attached.
Eyelet attachment:
With the eyelet attachment, it can be used as a semi-permanent anchor/holding point to secure cargo during transportation in ships, containers and other industrial vehicles.
This is especially important when it is difficult, not possible to drill holes or carry out welding work to add an anchor/holding point on existing metal surface. Using such powerful Hook Eyelet Magnet saves time and ensure that the structure integrity and water proofing of your existing environment are not compromised or irreversibly damaged.

Hook attachment:
Simply unscrew the Eyelet and screw on the Hook attachment and it can be used for hanging loose cables, chains, tools, etc.

Dia. 75mm Hook/Eyelet Magnet recommended for industrial use:
Due to the extreme load holding magnetic pull force of this eyelet magnet, this is not recommended for home use as it is a challenge to remove it once it is attached to flat metal surfaces.

For home use, we recommend the dia. 25mm swivel hook magnet, the Dia. 36mm Super Strong Hook Magnet and maybe if you really need to hang some heavier load, can consider the dia. 42mm Super Strong Hook Magnet.

Ultra Strong Hook Eyelet Magnet Dia.75mm

d75mm Hook Eyelet Magnet Singapore

Ultra Strong Hook Eyelet Mounting Magnet dia75mm

75mm dia hook eyelet magnet

Eyelet Inner Diameter


For any usage or application, always consider safety first and exercise caution and common sense for potential risk, damages or injuries to people, animals or objects.

This Dia. 75mm eyelet magnet can hold up to 150kg attached upside down on a thick metal beam or thick metal ceiling! (Max. stable load at room temperature on ideal condition of thick, flat, unpainted metal surfaces)

Great as an anchor point for measuring large metal structures. No drilling of holes or screwing of tension pole required.

Great for hanging non-fragile festive decorations to metal structures.

Removable hook eyelet magnets doesn’t leave behind unsightly holes from drills or damage structural integrity.

Industrial use: Holds up canvas cover with eyelets, anchor point for ropes, holds banners or canopy, hang displays, hang temporary signages, hold dangling ceiling wires etc.

Exhibition/Events Use: Hang mobile display, Hang Banners, Hang Buntings, Temporary Cordons etc.

On board ships, vessels: Hang uniforms, secure equipment from moving or shifting, put up temporary signs

On military vehicles, vessels: Attach training call sign, setup temporary tentage or shelter, hang lighting, secure wires

Interesting use: Pull up or repair dented metal surfaces on car, lorry, etc. Result varies depending on materials, location and severity of dents.

Photos from our customer Mark Ong: (Using just a Dia. 36mm Hook Magnet)
In his own words “What a difference it can do to the storeroom, with the help of a few ultra strong magnetic hooks ?”

Note: The Dia. 75mm pot/mounting magnet is many times stronger than a Dia. 36mm shown below.
Hence, Dia.75mm pot/mounting magnets are intended for industrial use and not recommended for home use.
Hook Magnet Review-MarkOng

Note: Magnet direct (upside down) pull force is strongest, Vertical (side ways) strength is significantly lower (may slide).

Dia. 75mm Hook Eyelet Magnet Specifications

Diameter of pot base: 75mm
Height of pot base: 18.3mm
Height of thread base: 16.5mm
Base Plating: Nickel

Each set comprises of 1pcs dia. 75mm Pot Magnet Base, 1pcs Hook attachment and 1pcs of Eyelet attachment.
The Hook and Eyelet attachment are designed to fit the threaded base of this dia. 75mm Pot Magnet Base.

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

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