Swivel Hook Magnet Neodymium – 25mm Dia


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This Neodymium Swivel Hook Magnet Dia. 25mm is no ordinary piece of magnet.

It has a hook that can swing 180° upwards or downwards assembled on a 360° free rotation swivel mounted on a metal casing with a strong ring neodymium magnet inside.

This assembly allows the swivel hook magnet to work effectively on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The advantage of the swivel base means you can use this hook magnet to hold objects or packages in any facing direction, lift up excess length of wires on power tools and not worry about entangled wires should you move around too much.

On a vertical metal surface, the hook will automatically fold downwards as you hang objects ensuring a lower hook profile, the taller a hook profile, the easier it is to slide or drop.

On a upside down horizontal surface, the hook will automatically stay perpendicular to the ground due to gravity, this allows you to hang or hold stuff on metal beam or ceiling without needing to drill holes. Furthermore, the swing and swivel base will lean slightly towards the direction the object is being pulled, improving the stability of the magnetic base attachment to metal surfaces.

A single piece of dia. 25mm swivel hook magnet is able to hold around 2kg of stable weight on a vertical surface (eg. metal wall, metal door) and up to 8kg of stable weight upside-down on a horizontal surface (eg, metal ceiling or metal beam). Best performance can be obtain with thicker, unpainted metal surfaces.

Advantages of Swivel Hook Magnets:
– No drilling of holes
– No Sticky Residue
– Easy to Install or Remove
– Repositionable
– Reusable

If you require heavy duty, industrial strength hook magnets, our range of super strong HM-D36mm and HM-D42mm might just serve your needs.

Hook Magnets Update:
The Super Duper Strength Dia. 60mm Hook Magnet (for industrial use) is available now. While it is not recommended for home use, the Dia. 60mm Hook Magnet would be ideal for various heavy duty industrial use.

Swivel Hook Magnets home use

Swivel Hook Magnets Closeup application

Finger Holding Swivel-Hook Magnets

HMS-D25 Swivel Hook Magnet Bottom view

HMS-D25 Swivel Hook Magnet Singapore

Rare Earth Swivel Hook Magnet Dia25mm

HMS-D25mm Swivel Hook Magnet Specifications

Diameter of pot base: 25mm
Height of pot base: 15mm
Overall Height: 65mm appx.
Weight: appx. 38g
Base Plating: Nickel

Each pack contains 1pcs of Dia. 25mm Swivel Hook Magnet.

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

Hook Magnet Warning



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