Pot Magnets Neodymium 4Pcs/pack – 16mm Dia


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Titan-Magnetics Pot Magnets are Neodymium strong magnets set within a metal “pot”

Pot magnets with the hole design  are great for fixing on to furniture fixture or light weight items which can be attached to metal surfaces.

These smallest size pot magnet are relative safe to handle with bare hands. Suitable for small or very light weight items.

Shown below, a single piece of Dia. 16mm Pot Magnet screwed  top-center of a very light weight photo frame, it is sufficient to hold the photo frame to a metal door.
For heavier photo frames or objects use 2-4pcs at the corners.

For really heavy items, we recommend to use bigger size Dia. 25mm Pot Magnets or Dia. 32mm Pot Magnets.

Pot Magnet on Photo Frame

Each pack contains 4 pieces of  16mm dia. pot magnets.


TitanMagnetics-Pots-Magnet-Diagram-TypeB Specifications:
Weight: 5.4g
D: 16mm
D1: 3.5mm
D2: 6.5mm
H: 5mm
Grade: N45

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children