Pot Magnets Neodymium 2Pcs/pack – 32mm Dia


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Titan-Magnetics Pot Magnets are Neodymium ultra strong magnets set within a metal “pot”

Pot magnets with the hole design are great for fixing on to furniture fixture or lightweight items which can be attached to metal surfaces.

Pot magnets are used for mounting objects or temporary securing objects, equipment or parts to metal surfaces.
The recessed hole in the center allows different types of bolt or screws to be used. It can be secured to plastic, aluminum, wood and other metal or non-metal objects.
This will allow the object with pot magnets installed to be attached to metal surfaces without the need for destructive holes, messy adhesive or double sided tape.

Each pack contains 2 pieces of 32mm dia. pot magnets.

Caution: High risk of magnets pinching finger. Use glove when handling these powerful magnets.

Note: Current batch of D32mm Pot magnets 2pcs in each pack are both North polarity. (Not facing pairs)
– If you are using both pieces to attach to metal surfaces, polarity does not matter.
– If you intend to attach both pieces of magnets to each other, the 2 pieces will repel if place flat side directly towards each other, they will only attach to each other in a misaligned semi-circle.

Neodymium Pot Magnets Hanging Curtain

TitanMagnetics-Pots-Magnet-Diagram-TypeB Specifications:
Weight: 38g
D: 32mm
D1: 5.5mm
D2: 9mm
H: 7.6mm
Grade: N45

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children