Pot Magnets Neodymium 2Pcs/pack – 25mm Dia


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Titan-Magnetics Pot Magnets are Neodymium ultra strong magnets set within a metal “pot”

Pot magnets with the hole design  are great for fixing on to furniture fixture or light weight items which can be attached to metal surfaces.

Each pack contains 1  paired* (2 pieces) 25mm dia. pot magnets.

*1 pcs North, 1pcs South facing. Flat sides of pot magnet attract when facing each other.
see stock close-up photo, white plastic spacer between magnet face makes sliding the 2 magnets apart easier.
2 pcs paired facing magnets pull force is stronger than a single magnet pull force on a metal surface.
Currently only this 25mm dia. size of  pot magnet are available in facing pairs.

Caution: High risk of magnets pinching finger. Use glove when handling these magnets.

Neodymium Pot Magnets Hanging Curtain

TitanMagnetics-Pots-Magnet-Diagram-TypeB Specifications:
Weight: 23g
D: 25mm
D1: 5.5mm
D2: 9mm
H: 8mm
Grade: N45