Magnetic Quick Release Clasps 17mm Dia with Split Key Ring


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Magnetic Quick Release Clasps is a versatile gear that serves many useful purpose.

It’s made of 2pcs of facing self-seeking strong neodymium magnets secured in 2 aluminium casing with split key rings on each halves.

Attach one side of the magnetic quick release clasp on your haversack or backpack and attach the other half to any tools or equipment that you need to use frequently eg, water bottle, helmet, binoculars, flash-lights etc.

Simply give a sharp tug and your tools are released from the magnetic clasp ready to use in split seconds.

To return or reattach , simply swing or hold the magnetic clasps near the other half and the self seeking magnets will attach itself.

Magnetic Quick Release Magnetic Gear


Magnetic Quick Release Diagram
Ideal for:

– Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Adventure
– Workshop, Kitchen

Magnetic Quick Release-Before-After

Size: 17mm Dia. x 35mm
Material: Neodymium Magnets encased in Aluminium
Accessories: Comes with 2 circular Split Key Rings and 1 Small Carabiner
Magnetic Quick Release with Carabiner

Magnetic Quick Release Gear ActiveSeries

Tatical Gear Magnetic Quick Release-

Magnetic Quick Release -Series

New Colour!
Magnetic Quick Release Yellow

Magnetic Key Chain Holder

Magnetic Quick Release Separation Force

Separation force of appx 3kg!
Magnetic Quick Release were attached to a digital weighing scale, weights were gradually added till the 2 halves of the magnetic clasps detached from each other.
It takes approximately 3.7kg to separate the quick release.

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

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