Magnetic C-Profile Labels 1meter


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These flexible and ready to use magnetic labels save you time and make organising stuff neat and clean!

It comprises of a ‘C’ profiled length of flexible rubber magnet to slot in any paper labels whether hand-written or printed and a clear protective PVC to keep the labels clean.
The length of this flexible ‘C’ Profile label can be cut to any length required, a great advantage is the ability to even wrap the flexible magnetic labels on curved surfaces such as a metal pole, cylindrical drum or metal containers.

Works on any metal racks, shelves, drum, canister, pole and many more challenging situations.
Get organised and label away without having to fuss or worry about sticker labels residue or permanent makers stains!

The greatest advantage of using magnetic labels are:
– Easy to attach
– Easy to remove
– Easy to reposition
– Reusable
– No unsightly stains or marks
– Doesn’t damage existing surfaces
– Neat and Clean

Ideal solutions for:
– Warehouse
– File Cabinets
– Metal Containers
– Metal Racks/Shelves
– Classrooms
– Whiteboard
– Laboratories
– Hospital/Clinic
– Office
– Retail Shop
– Exhibitions
– Kitchens
РTemporary Signs
– Education Aids

Comes in 3 widths of 20mm, 30mm and 50mm with a length of 1 meter. The length can be easily cut to your desired size with a good pair of scissors or heavy-duty cutter/penknife.
For example, if you order qty of “3”, you will get 3 x 1meters of Magnetic ‘C’ Profile Labels.

If your desired label size is 100mm length x 50mm width (10cm x 5cm), 1 meter length of 50mm width Magnetic ‘C’ Profile Label can be cut into 10 pieces of such sized labels.

Each qty of magnetic ‘C’ profile label comes with 1 meter each of:
– ‘C’ profiled flexible rubber magnet
– Paper label
– Clear protective PVC

Magnetic C Profile Signs with Paper Label and Clear Protective PVC Inserts

Can be used with Magnetic Paint too.

You can also try our printable magnetic paper that has a larger magnetic surface area.



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20mm, 30mm, 50mm