Magnetic DATA USB Cable 3A Fast Charging Universal 540° Swivel Rotate with Type C+Micro+Lightning Plugs



Protect your Phone or Tablets USB Data and Charging Ports from further damage.

Protective USB Data Charging Cable With Magnetic Dust Plugs

This Magnetic DATA USB Cable is Data enabled, meaning all the 3 magnetic heads have 5pins for Fast Charging and also Data Transfer between your phone and laptops/computers.
Full set consist of:
1x Magnetic DATA USB Cable
1x Type-C Magnetic Head (5pins Data Enabled)
1x Micro-USB Magnetic Head (5pins Data Enabled)
1x Lightning Magnetic Head (5pins Data Enabled)
1x 3 Slots Magnetic Head Station cum Cable Clip
(This works as a holder to hold 3 magnetic heads and clip securely on the cable, either single or double side)

The Type-C, Micro USB and Lightning magnetic plug head works just like your regular charging cable head, but instead of plugging IN,OUT,IN, OUT every time charging is needed, just plug it in and it stays there, like a unmovable gate keeper that protects that tiny hole of your device from dust, moisture, sharp objects, pocket lint and daily wear and tear!

– Can I use this magnetic data cable just to charge my mobile phone/powerbank/USB Light/USB Fan/USB Earbuds etc?
A: Yes, if your USB device has a Type-C/Micro-USB/Lightning USB port that accept regular USB cables, you can. Just plug in the respective magnetic heads that fits your devices.

– Are the 3 Data magnetic heads compatible with Non-Data Magnetic USB Cables?
A: No, these Data magnetic heads has 5pins and will not work with Charging Only (Non-data) magnetic cables.
Similarly, Non-Data magnetic heads will also not work with this data cable. (Data type = 5 pins, Non Data Charging Only = 2 pins)

– Data cable means I can use this cable to transfer files/photos between computer and mobile phone?
A: Yes, this magnetic data USB cable works just like any other data USB cable. If your regular data USB cable can work, this cable should work the same way.
Just with the added feature of able to rotate + swivel 540° and connect magnetically once the respective magnetic heads are inserted correctly.

The connector external neodymium magnet connects with the magnetic cable for a strong charging connection, that means split seconds connect and disconnect each time data transfer or charging is required.

Protect the data/charging port of your devices be it Type-C, Micro USB or Lightning port before it get damaged from the constant wear and tear of plugging in and out.

Magnetic universal Data USB charging cable with 3 magnetic plug for USB Type C + Micro USB + Lightning ports can charge most of your commonly used devices.
The 3 types of magnetic connectors once plugged in to your iPhone, Android phone, power bank, USB Lights, USB Fan and “USB anything” can remain on these devices due to its petite and unobtrusive size.

The upgraded 180° Swivel head + 360° Magnetic rotation allows you freedom to connect and position your USB cable without worrying about awkward angles or sudden bending force permanently damaging the tiny port hole.

Magnetic Data USB Cable Mobile 90degrees Universal head Data and Charging USB Cable Swivel Head RotationUSB DATA Charging Cables for Gaming USB DATA Fast Charging Cable 3A Universal Port

Magnetic USB DATA Cables Plugs Holder Mobile Phone USB DATA Cable Clip Magnetic Plugs Holder

2 Length Options: 1 meter and 2 meters.

Once the magnetic connectors are plugged in, simple bring the magnetic end of the USB cable near to the magnetic connector and it will snap together securely to establish a connection.
Easily remove the cable by slightly bending the cable magnetic end and move away from the magnetic connector. This USB magnetic USB cable is superior to normal cable in many ways beside being super convenient.

Advantages of Magnetic USB Cables:
– One hand to connect
– Split seconds connection
– Extend the lifespan of your phone USB/Lighting port
– Magnetic connector act as a dust cover
– Makes driving safer
– Prevents port damage due to forceful cable pull
– One magnetic cable for multiple devices (Android, iPhone, Power-bank etc)
– Magnetic end connects both sides
– Strong and durable braided Nylon cable
– LED indicator light
– Data Transfer and 3A Fast Charging

What’s in the box?
– Magnetic DATA USB Cable x1 (Depending on the Color and Length you have chosen in the drop-down option)
– Micro USB Magnetic Data Connector x1
– IOS Magnetic Data Connector x1
– Type C Magnetic Data Connector x1
– Connectors Plastic Holder x (Magnetic Heads Station cum Cable Clip)
Package: Retail Box

540° Rotation Magnetic USB DATA Cable 3A Fast Charging Lightning Head Red 1meter Magnetic USB DATA Cable 3A Fast Charging Micro-USB Black 1meter Magnetic USB DATA Cable 3A Fast Charging Lightning Head Black 2meter Magnetic USB DATA Transfer Cable-3A Fast Charging Purple Colour Universal plug 1meter Magnetic USB DATA Transfer Cable-3A Fast Charging Purple Colour Type-C plug 2 meter




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1 Meter, 2 Meters