Customer Contribution: Our customer Chee Boon shared with us these photos of his aquarium enhancements

Covering up your aquarium tubing, messy cables, pumps and clutters can really transform it into a sleek and beautiful feature that is more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

Our customer Chee Boon came up with this idea of using QuikDisc Neodymium Magnets with 3M Adhesive to attach acrylic panels on to the facade of his aquarium metal structure.

As the aquarium setup needs maintenance periodically, able to access the filters and pumps easily is very important. Being able to fully detach the acrylic cladding makes future maintenance, decoration work and tweaking much more convenient. Furthermore, not a single hole were drilled on the metal structure and no additional tools are needed to attach or detach the acrylic panels. This cladding method not only looks good with no ugly screws along the edges, it is also easy to implement and practical. Thanks to QuikDisc Magnets, the structural integrity of the metal frame were also not compromised.

The completed aquarium setup with acrylic cladding attached using QuikDisc Magnets.
Acrylic cladding on aqurium stand using QuikDisc magnets

Below: Dia. 10x1mm QuikDisc Magnets were attached to the perimeter of each acrylic panel and left to cure for over 24 hours.
This allows the 3M adhesive to achieve micro-bonding to the acrylic surface.
Acrylic panel with Quikdisc magnets

Closed up view of QuikDisc Magnets on 3mm thick acrylic panel. The thickness of QuikDisc Magnet is just 1mm, hence it does not make the acrylic cladding appearing bulged out
Quikdisc magnets on acrylic panel

Once again, thank you Chee Boon for sharing with us your photos, ideas and creation! 🙂