Fix broken air-conditioner cover with magnets.


I’ve seen it numerous times, missing air-conditioner cover, cover duct taped to to the blower unit, using a twisted wire to hold the cover in place, slanted ill fitting air-conditioner covers (no repair attempted, just hanging there with the remaining hinge)…

These are tell tale signs that the hinge or latch of the covering is broken and most owners results to creative ways of repairs, relatively better than not covering it at all which can affect the air-flow and dust protection of the blower unit.

Below is just an alternative way of repair/modification to add to the list : ), except that:

1) there are no tell tale sign once we’re done

2) it works better than the original cover, you’ll realise it on your next cleaning (but don’t start breaking your cover yet if it’s still under warranty!)

So let’s get started!

Fix broken aircon cover with magnets

What you’ll need:
– The air conditioner cover with broken hinge (go on and break off the remaining plastic hinge since if it’s already broken)
Block neodymium magnets 20 x 10 x 2 mm: 1-2pcs  (if you are not using a scrap metal)
– Super glue
– Double sided adhesive tape
– Good quality adhesive tape
– Small piece of scrape metal (optional, if you are using just 1 magnet)

Step 1.

Identify a spot on the air-conditioner blower unit that has contact with the cover or has just a small gap (2-4mm gap is fine) from the cover when fully closed.

Mark the spot on to the cover. (ideally it is a flat smooth area)

Step 2.

Stick the scrap metal Or 1pcs of the magnet to the cover using double side adhesive tape (If you are using magnet, take note of the polarity so you will not end up sticking both the same polarity facing each other)
Reinforce by pasting a big generous piece of adhesive tape over the magnet/scrap metal


Step 3

Super glue a piece of block neodymium magnet to the spot on the air-conditioner unit where it will come in contact with the cover when fully closed.
Apply firm pressure on the magnet for 10 seconds for the super glue to bond.

Reinforce it by wrapping some adhesive tape over the magnet, I’ve added 2 layers of clear adhesive (vertically and horizontally) for good measure. Apply pressure and give the adhesive tape a good rub to secure it in place. If you are not in a hurry, wait for a few hours for the super glue and adhesive tape to set and have a good grip because we want this to be really secure.

Stick Magnet To Aircon

This photo highlight in red the single block magnet positioned on the top-middle section of the air-conditioner.
The 2 blue circles shows original holes for existing latches which requires no modification.

Magnet on Aircon

Step 4.

Align the magnets/scrap metal piece and fix the cover back to the air-conditioner blower unit, it should click when in contact. (Shown in red circle below)
Finally, press in the latchs to secure the cover and we are done!  (Shown in blue circles below)

Fix Aircon cover with magnets


The following photo taken from way up the ceiling shows the gap between the cover and blower unit.
The neodymium magnet holding on to the cover scrap metal can be seen only through the grill above if you climb up and look really hard.


As a bonus, you can now easily remove the whole cover for washing during cleaning and maintenance without the fear of breaking a plastic hinge!
There are simply no more hinges to break.

The reasons why a scrap metal was used in this case is because:
1) Some cover are relatively light weight, not necessary to use 2pcs of neodymium magnets
2) Scap metal which are thin and larger size than the magnet is easier to stick to the cover as it has a larger surface area for more double side adhesive hence better adhesion.
3) No need to align 2 pieces of magnets perfectly as the scrap metal is slightly larger.

But for other cases, you may need the strength of 2pcs of neodymium magnets if the cover is heavy or the gap is wider. Some situations may require a disc shaped neodymium magnets, it really depends.

Happy modifying!