A magnetic art piece “Neodymium Flower” formed by 5mm sphere magnets.

This magnetic flower was created in 3 parts and assembled.

The 2 leaves were formed from 6 sets of 9 spheres triangles, 3 such triangles form each leaves.

Main stalk were simply 4 columns of  spheres, as usual start with a string of magnets and fold it in half to form 2 columns and uses a card to fold it again on top of each other to get a 2×2 column.

Start by making a pentagon of 5 spheres in a circle and add 2 layers on the pentagon.

Next, create 5 triangles (petals) of 6 spheres and attach it to each sides of the pentagon.

Assemble the flower by placing it on top of the stem and attach the 2 leaves.

you may need to flip some parts if the polarity is repelling.

Created by: Lim Shi Xi