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Cabinet LED Light Auto Mechanical Trigger


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No more fumbling in the dark or having to switch on the room lights when you need to find something in your wardrobe or cabinet.

This small, simple, single battery operated LED light installs on your cabinet door hinge so you don’t even have to drill a single hole.

The LED light is mechanically triggered when you open the door of your cabinet and switched off when the door closes. Hence, eliminating the need for you to manually switch it on or off.

Cabinet LED On Off

Comprises of only 2 main parts, the bottom base and top LED with a trigger.
1x “23A 12V” alkaline battery is included. 23A 12V battery is commonly used for some types of remote controls
Cabinet LED Hinge Light with Battery

NOTE: Metal hinge not included, make sure one inside screw of your cabinet door hinge is totally removable as shown in the photo below.install Cabinet LED light
First Install the base by removing one screw from your existing metal door hinge, placing the base over the metal hinge with 4 protruding knobs facing out and securing it using the same screw.

Next, insert a 23A 12V battery correctly into the top LED battery slot and the 3 points LED should light up. Depressing the trigger should turn the lights off.

Lastly, with the trigger pointing out towards the door, align the 4 holes on the top part to the 4 protruding knobs on the base and press tightly to attach the LED light to your door hinge.

Gently close the door to ensure the trigger is positioned correctly such that the door is able to close completely without a gap caused by the trigger.

Just 1 piece of battery operated Cabinet LED Trigger Light installed on the middle hinge (900mm wide 3 hinges hydraulic door) of a kitchen cabinet.

LED Cabinet Hinge Light in kitchen cabinet

Installed on a wardrobe hinge


battery operated LED trigger light in wardrobe

Below photo shows the Cabinet LED Light base screwed directly on the upper wooden frame of an under basin cabinet as it illuminates better in this case.
(Instead on installing on the side metal hinge)
Hence, it can be installed on many more locations if you don’t mind a single screw hole on wood surfaces. Think bedside table drawers for a start…

LED auto light bath cabinet

– Is this Cabinet LED light installed or triggered by magnets?
No, there is nothing magnetic about this LED light. : )

– How do I install this Cabinet LED light?
You need to install it on any one of the standard metal hinges of your cabinet door.
Most cabinet door hinges have 1 (inner) screw that can be temporarily removed to secure this cabinet LED light. If the inner screw cannot be removed, you will not be able to install this Cabinet LED light.

– Can I install this on slow/soft close (hydraulic) door hinges?
Yes, some slow close hinges might have a removable metal plate covering the 2 adjustment screws, remove the cover plate to check that 1 (inner) screw that can be temporarily removed to secure this cabinet LED light.

– Can I switch off the Cabinet LED light?
No, the LED light will power on once you have correctly inserted the battery, it will automatically power off when the trigger is depressed by the closed door hinge

– Are there any wires involved in installing this Cabinet LED light?
No, this Cabinet LED light is powered by a single 23A 12V alkaline battery that is easily available.

Material: ABS
LED: 3 Diodes
Power: 23A 12V Alkaline Battery x1
Overall Size: Appx.68x42x25mm
Weight: Appx. 12g (Without Battery)
Weight: Appx. 20g (With Battery)
NOTE: Metal hinge not included, make sure one inside screw of your cabinet door hinge is totally removable

Each Pack contains 1 set of Cabinet LED Light + 1x 23A 12V Alkaline Battery. (Metal hinge not included)