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Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet 20x20cm 1mm


Material: Rubber Magnet
Thickness: 0.1mm (+/- 0.1mm)
Size: 20 x 20 cm
Front: Non-Magnetic
Back: Alternating North and South Linear Magnetized

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Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet 1mm thick – Appx 20x20cm size

1 Sheet of Flexible Rubber Magnet 20cm square

Titan Magnetic Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet, an economic magnet for a myriad of applications where large magnetic surface contact is required. This black rubber magnetic sheet is just 1mm thick, providing a slim and flexible size that opens up a world of creative possibilities. With an approximate size of 20x20cm, this magnetic sheet is perfectly sized for various projects, making it an essential addition to your craft and home-improvement projects.

One side is linear multi-polarity magnetize (it has North and South alternating polarity running parallel each other throughout the entire sheet) as shown in the photo above, the other side is non-magnetic plain rubber. 2 sheets of rubber magnets can attach to each other when the magnetic lines are parallel and facing each other. You can also cut a single sheet in to 2 and attach it together.

The alternating lines of magnetic polarity is not visible, but by placing 2 pcs together, you can feel the magnetic field by rotating or moving one piece against the other.
When 2 sheets are magnetically parallel attached horizontally, you can feel the magnetic field “sliding” by pulling one of the piece left and right, and feel the “Jumping” movement when pulled up and down.

Properties of Rubber Magnetic Sheet: 
– These rubber magnetic sheet are NOT double sided magnetized!
– It is NOT magnetized with North on one side and South on the other!
– The magnetic side can attach (when magnetic poles are parallel) to both the front or back of another magnetic sheet.
– It is strongest when both are attached with magnetic poles parallel on the magnetic side.
– Rubber magnets are much weaker than Neodymium magnets.
– Rubber magnets need larger contact with metal surface to compensate for weaker magnetic field.
– It is recommended to attach with full and direct contact with flat metal surfaces.
– Papers, vinyl stickers or laminates between rubber magnet and metal surface will greatly weaken or totally neutralize the magnet.
– The magnetic fields of rubber magnetic sheet might be partially or totally damaged (Demagnetized) when come in direct contact with a neodymium magnet!
– Demagnetized rubber magnet sheet can still attach magnets, but it will no longer attach to metal.

Magnetic-Polarity-Visualisation of Rubber Magnet Sheet Titan Magnetics

Thin and Flexible magnet:
This Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet boasts a slim 1mm thickness, making it incredibly flexible and easy to work with. This feature allows for seamless integration into various projects, ensuring a snug fit without adding unnecessary bulk. Whether you’re crafting, organizing, or creating educational materials, the thin and flexible design of this magnetic sheet provides endless possibilities for customization.

Large Magnetic Footprint:
Despite its thin profile, this magnetic rubber sheet offers relatively good magnetic strength, allowing it to securely adhere to flat and smooth ferrous surfaces. The sheet is perfect for creating magnetic displays, signage, or organizing tools in a workshop. The nature of rubber magnet offers added friction for vertically attached objects like small photo frames, flat acrylic signs, flat and light weight tiles etc, it has a reliable hold, minimizing any unwanted slips or sliding due to gravity effect on attached items.

Handy Size for Convenience:
Measuring approximately 20x20cm, this magnetic rubber sheet strikes the right balance between compactness and usability. The convenient size makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from DIY projects and educational aids to magnetic closures and organizational solutions. The approximate dimensions offer versatility while catering to the needs of both hobbyists and professionals.

Easy to Cut and Customize:
Tailoring the magnetic sheet to fit your specific requirements is a breeze. The material is easily cut with scissors or a utility knife, allowing you to create custom shapes and sizes for your projects. Whether you need smaller magnetic elements or a larger magnetic surface, this sheet adapts to your creative vision effortlessly.

Flexible Rubber Magnet size 20cmx20cmx1mm thick

Our Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet, 1mm thick, offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. Harness the power of magnetism in your projects with this thin, flexible, and easily customizable magnetic sheet, bringing a new dimension of creativity to your endeavors.

One side of this flexible rubber sheet is Isotropic Magnetic, which means it has magnetic field that can be attach to ferrous metal surfaces like metal door, metal cabinet, whiteboard, metal beam or pillar and even magnetic painted wall (normal wall painted with magnetic receptive paint)

The other side of this flexible magnetic rubber sheet is plain rubber with no magnetic field, suitable to apply contact glue, double-sided adhesive, printed vinyl stickers or 3M double sided tape.

The advantage of this flexible magnetic rubber sheet is flexibility to use the non-magnetic side with the glue of your choice to suit your requirement and the ability to easily cut any shapes and sizes using regular pen knife of scissors.

Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet has a wide range of usage. E.g. Fridge Magnet, Printed Magnet, Car Advertisement Magnet, Education Aid, Magnetic Posters, Magnetic Wall Display Decorations.

Rubber Magnetic Sheet 20x20cmx1mm

Material: Rubber Magnet
Thickness: 0.1mm (+/- 0.1mm)
Size: 20 x 20 cm
Front: Non-Magnetic
Back: Alternating North and South Linear Magnetized

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Magnetic Sheet Width

62cm width, 90cm width

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