Cables from different mobile devices such as tablets, powerbank, smart phones, fitness tracker etc. can quickly mess up a otherwise neat table or get into a frustrating tangle.

Our customer Emily shared this photo of how she used QuikDisc™ and disc neodymium magnets to organize her gadgets cables.

Some USB and Micro USB cables tips are made of ferrous metal and so are some tables legs and frames. This makes it an ideal place to attach pieces of small disc magnets to the table frame for lining up USB cables when not in use. Unlike clumsy clips or holder that requires effort to slot in or remove the cables, neodymium magnets is a much neater and effective choice as you can shift position, add or remove magnets as your cables increases, easily attach or remove cables in split seconds, leave no sticky residue and is totally reusable.

For those cables that are not natively attachable to magnets, she uses Titan Magnetics QuikDisc™ Dia. 10x1mm or QuikDisc™ Dia. 8×0.7mm – Disc magnets with 3M™ adhesive on 1 side.
The 3M™ sticky adhesive side is pasted on a clean flat surface of the USB cable (leave the adhesive magnet to cure overnight for stronger, more permanent adhesion). Now the cable end with the magnet can be attached on to any ferrous metal surfaces.

For some tricky plastic surface that doesn’t bond well with any adhesive, we recommend 3M™ Primer 94 Adhesion Promoter, applied to the area to be bonded and leave it to dry for 5 minutes before sticking the adhesive magnet.

Thank you Emily for sharing with us the photo and idea.