Customer Contribution: Our customer MarkĀ Ong send us these photos of the difference some hook magnets made to organising his store room

Can you spot the hook magnets used on the inside door of this store room (a.k.a. Bomb Shelter)?

Our customer Mark Ong decided to put his Dia. 36mm Hook Neodymium Magnets to the test when he first received it by loading it with foldable ladder, ironing board to see if it holds.
Satisfied that the hook magnets are up to the task, it’s time to organise those handbags and often used items by hanging on to the metal door internally rather than taking up valuable shelf space.

Picture speaks louder then words

“I did a test to see how strong it was, it could hold a ladder plus an ironing board at the same time. This is a fantastic product but handle with care as those are extremely strong magnets which could not be remove easily.” – Mark Ong

These ultra strong hook magnets are a great help in many situations where drilling a hole is not an option. This is a very common problem, as drilling a hole may sometime compromise the structure integrity, render an otherwise fire/water proof room unsafe, cause corrosion point on a surface or simply the metal is too thick or tough to drill a hole.

The many advantages of using hook magnets are:
– Instant Installation
– Reusable
– Re-positionable
– Removable
– Doesn’t damage or leave any marks or hole

Hook Magnet Review-MarkOng

Thanks to Mark Ong for sharing with us these wonderful ideas for using hook magnets!