Have you been frustrated with messy, tangled USB cables from your bags, unplugged end of the cable slipping to the floor and got crushed by office chairs?

You maybe staring right at a simple and smart solution to both problems!
QuikDisc - Neodymium Disc Magnets with 3M Adhesive
QuikDisc Magnets tidy up USB-cables

Simply stick a pair of QuikDiscTM adhesive magnets on both ends of your phone USB cable. You can now coil it and attach both ends together. When one end is unplugged from phone, simply attach it to desk metal legs or any metal surfaces, no more cable slipping to the ground and getting crushed accidentally by chair rollers.

QuikDiscTM is a type of super strong disc magnet with 3M peel-and-stick adhesive on one side of the disc.

The small and slim profile (1mm thick) of QuikDiscTM makes it an ideal and elegant solution for many useful applications.

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Instruction Details:
1) Ensure both ends of your USB cable have at least 10mm of flat, smooth and solid surface, clean surface of any dust or residue for best adhesion.

2) Get ready a pair* of QuikDiscTM disc magnets . Peel away 3M backing wax paper and stick it to the flat surface of your USB cable head. Apply firm pressure with fingers for 3-5 seconds.

Repeat with the other end of the cable.
(*ensure they are opposite paired – both the 2 magnets adhesive tab side should be facing out when they attract)

3) Leave the adhesive to cure for 1 hour or more for best adhesion.

– You can now coil your USB cable in a circle and attached the both ends together
– When one end of  USB cable is unpluged, you can simply attach it to any metal surfaces.

Bonus tips: Dropped paper clips in hard to reach places like between gaps of photocopier and printers that causes paper jam?

Just use your magnetic USB cable to fish it out. (make sure you switch off the power and take caution of equipment heated innards)