Besides using sticky tape to put up seasonal decoration, we choose to see what can be achieved with magnets, which is easier, reusable and leave no residual when taken down.

On some thin 3mm-5mm glass panels or door our facing pair large pin magnets can attached to each other across the thin glass and still have some pulling force to hang light weight decoration, like this beautiful and auspicious pineapple shape weighing appx. 70grams : )

Just a note that this works in interior with little wind and no rain. 
Some material will absorb liquid and gets heavier.

Pro and Cons:
Easy to put up, adjustment is literally shifting the magnet along with deco around the glass for that visually optimal spot!
Removal is as easy leaving no residual and also it is reusable!

Downside is that the object cannot be too heavy, best if it is indoor and if it is public area, passer by might just make off with the deco along with magnets ; )

Simple example of how magnets can greatly help in your festive season decoration and the benefits is even more apparent during take down, which is clean, fast and reusable.

Magnets used: Large Pin Magnets in white, also available in Red Pin Magnets and Black Pin Magnets

CNY Deco Tips Large Pin Magnets on glass door