Customer Contribution: Our customer Jeffrey Ong was kind to share with us how he fasten the shell of his Radio Control car to the main body with 4pcs of 15mm dia x 1.5mm Neodymium Magnets

Radio control (rc) car enthusiast often tinker with the innards of their rc cars for optimal performance.

Our customer Jeffrey Ong came up with an effective way to secure the shell of his rc car to the body, by using 4 pcs of 15mm dia. x 1.5mm neodymium magnets!

“Previously I’ve used strong velcro to secure the rc car shell, but after a while the velcro starts to peel off”

According to Jeffrey, he used super glue to glue 2 pcs of the 15mm dia. magnets to the shell and another 2 pcs on a flat part of the body which has a good surface area of contact with the shell.

How To Super Glue Neodymium Magnets

What you’ll need (some are not essential but makes the process so much more easier and professional : )
15mm dia x 1.5mm Neodymium Magnets – must have (feel free to experiment with other sizes that suits the size of your rc vehicle)
– a small bottle of super glue – must have
– a marker pen – must have
– a thin sheets of metal or a metal ruler (to place your magnets on so that it doesn’t accidentally fly off the table to meet the rest of the pack or another loose piece. Good thinking huh…)
– a ferrous metal rod or a long piece of flat head screw (act as a handle attached to the marked side of magnets when applying super glue)
– a piece of unwanted cloth or paper kitchen towel
– lighter fluid or alcohol swap (to clean contact surface)
– compass (good to have but not essential)
– patient

Screw as handle for gluing Magnets

Here are the steps for an effective, neat and professional looking work:

Work on a bright and well ventilated environment.

1) Mark the North of  2 pcs of magnets and South of another 2pcs.*  (Opposite attracts! remember? )
Attached the 4 pcs of magnets to the metal ruler with the unmarked sides facing up. (You should have N, N, spacing S, S on the ruler)

You’ll be applying super glue on the unmarked sides later.

2) Use alcohol swap to clean the unmarked sides of the magnets and all the contact areas you’ll be applying glue, wipe dry if necessary.

3) Mark the locations where you want to glue the magnets making sure they align nicely when shell is placed on.

4) Attach a marked North to the flat head of the screw such that unmarked South face up. Your fingers should be holding on to the pointed end of screw as a handle and not the magnet, apply few small droplets of super glue to the unmarked side, not too much that it flows when tilted.
Swiftly press the magnet to the marked spot of the rc shell and hold it for 10-20 secs. The screw handle should make sticking into recessed area a whole lot easier and neater than by fingers. Try slowly sliding the screw off the glued magnet, if you feel it move, press a little longer and leave it for a while. Do not pull the screw directly off the magnet as the separation force required is greater!

Repeat for the 2nd  North magnets for the rc shell and leave the shell to cure for an hour while you work on the magnets for the body, except this time attached the marked South on the screw while the unmarked North faces up for gluing.

5) Be patient, leave the glued magnets to cure in a well ventilated area for a strong bond.

Recipe for a durable super glue bond is to ensure the surfaces to be glued are totally clean, use spirit or alcohol wipe to get rid of any oil or sticky residue, apply glue only on one surface and allow a good period of time for it to set and cure.

*If you cannot find a compass, just stack 4 pcs of magnets on top of each other and mark 2pcs North from 1 side and 2 pcs South on the other side.
Because once you stack the magnets, the 2 different poles will be at 2 opposite ends.

Feel free to share with us how you use your magnets : )

Photos of magnets on RC body and shell courtesy of Jeffrey Ong.
(Thank you Jeffrey Ong!)