Information are growing, discoveries are happening every second and trends are constantly changing. So are the bulletins, posters and photos that adorn our walls, no reason to be just a static display in a dynamic world. Our science guru customer Winston Chan found the perfect science based solution for his Science Solutions Learning Center located at East Coast Road. By using magnets and painting potion of the walls in the classroom with Titan Magnetics – Magnetive™ Paint, he is able to display the latest up to date posters and information magnetically, without drilling any holes, using sticky adhesive or Velcro tape. One of the biggest concern was having to clean up the sticky residue of adhesive or patching up unsightly holes when posters or photos are removed.

Magnetic Painted Wall of Science Solutions Learning Center

The magnetic wall also opens up possibilities like attaching a flexible magnetic whiteboard (magnetic back) on demand, shifting the position of photos and posters at will, attaching light weight objects like remote controls and even battery operated wall lights. The posters were attached using 20mm width Flexible Magnetic Tape with 3M adhesive.

The original wall is beige while the black middle section is the magnetic painted surface. The photos demonstrated some good tips for having a magnetic wall as follows:
– You can leave the black magnetic paint as it is if it blends well visually with your interior OR, paint over the magnetic painted area (black) with any colour of regular top coat paint you prefer, it works both ways. Magnetic field of most good quality magnet will work thru the layer of regular paint.
– Depending on your usage, most cases you do not need to paint the whole wall, just the section that you will use most often. In this case, the bottom and top of wall are not painted for reasons like out of reach, and too low to be of practical use.
(Exception cases for painting full height could be the wall is really small, or you are using full height magnetic wall decorations)

Thank you Mr Winston Chan of for sharing these photos with Titan Magnetics

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Science Solutions Learning CenterMagnetic Wall Display Posters in Classroom