Customer Contribution: Our customer HC Ong was kind to share with us how he use Magnetic Quick Release to secure his water bottle to his backpack side pouch 

Carrying a water bottle on the side pouch of a backpack allows easy access for a quench of thirst without having to remove or put down the backpack. But our customer HC Ong pointed out that his water bottle often got flunk out of his backpack whenever he is in a hurry or during a quick turn that causes the backpack to swerve. It is an annoying problem that can cause a dent on a nice looking aluminium water bottle or causing slight breakage to plastics ones. Worse still, some water bottle were simply lost.

He found the perfect solution by attaching a cord from his backpack to one side of magnetic quick release and attaching the other side of the magnetic quick release to his backpack side pouch.
This allows him to run the cord thru a hole on his water bottle and secure it with the magnetic quick release. This keeps his water bottle in place even when he runs or swing his backpack. To remove water bottle, a quick tug on the cord separates the magnetic quick release. The best part is how easy it is to secure the magnetic clasp single handedly, simply bring one side close (appx 1.5cm) to the other half and it automatically snap in place by the sheer magnetic force!

Try doing that with a typical 2 pronged plastic clip where you have to align and insert one side to the other and push it in, with just 1 hand.

Magnetic Quick Release Secure Water Bottle

Photos of Magnetic Quick Release on backpack courtesy of HC Ong.
(Thank you HC Ong!)