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Block Neodymium Magnet 100x50x20mm, N52 “Bigfoot”


Sold out!

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Giant N52 Block Neodymium Magnet 100x50x20mm – “Bigfoot”

We also have N35 grade Bigfoot neodymium magnet here.

========     Not Recommended For People Below 18 Years of Age    ==========
This magnet is not a toy, it will cause serious damage and injury if proper attention and care is not observed.
This magnet may cause damage/disturbance to some equipment that contains magnetic or ferrous material including but not limited to: watches, smartphones, speakers, earphones, compasses, pacemakers, electronic devices, storage mediums, credit cards,etc.
Do not pass this magnet to anyone who has not read and fully understood the nature, risks and dangers of neodymium magnets.
Be extra careful of ferrous metal objects that may suddenly jump towards the magnet or vice versa.
Always store this magnet in a safe and stable place away from reach of children or pets.
======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ========

Holding Large N52 Neodymium Magnet

While the mysterious Bigfoot may be hairy, lurks in the forest and cast a large footprint, our “Bigfoot” is certainly shiny, neat and lurks in a box. They both share some similarities like strength and having a relatively large “footprint”.

This N52 Bigfoot magnet has nothing mysterious about it, but beware, it’s a dangerous beast of a magnet. Not to be mistaken for the usual puny craft or fridge magnets. We wonder how you can pry it off should it accidentally get attached to a thick flat piece of metal. A great deal of muscle and leverage may help but you’ll sweat. Hence, this is seriously not recommended for home or office use. This is an industrial strength sized magnet, you’ve been warned!

N52 Bigfoot Magnet

A serious warning and emphasis on safety is necessary before we introduce any further the destructive power of this “N52 Bigfoot”.

Hence, lets introduce or remind ourselves (if you have handled large neodymium magnets before) of these “Very Serious Warning!!! before getting to know more about Bigfoot.

========  ==========       Very Serious Warning!!!       ========== ==========
– Never, ever leave neodymium magnets of this size unattended especially in the presence of children.
– Keep away all other magnets when handling this magnet to avoid nasty accidents
– Do not use this magnet as a toy, prank or for mischief, it WILL cause serious injury and the consequences won’t be funny either.
– Separating 2 pieces of such magnets requires special tools and a great deal of effort. Hence, do not attach 2 pieces together without at least 40mm of wood, plastic or solid non-ferrous separator in between. (cardboard not recommended)
– Be extra careful when attempting to put together 2 or more pieces of these magnets even with a thick spacer, the pull force causing it to “jump” is extremely strong even at a distance.
– Never attach this magnet to tight recessed parts of ferrous metal as you might never be able to remove it, in short it may be stuck permanently!*
(Method of removing large sized neodymium magnets from ferrous metal is to slide it to the edge before prying it off, if this magnet got stuck in a tight recessed area it is very difficult/impossible  to remove)
– Wear thick gloves when handling neodymium magnets of such size to prevent or reduce injury in events of magnets slamming on to fingers or hand.
– Protective eye wear is also recommended to protect from break away splinters of magnet should high impact collision accident happen.
– Be aware of surrounding ferrous object when handling this magnet.
– Magnetic storage medium or some electronic devices may be damaged by the strong magnetic field.(eg. credit/bank card with magnetic stripes, compass in smartphones )
======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ========

In the small but powerful world of neodymium magnets, this Bigfoot magnet measuring 100x50x20mm, grade N52 has the biggest magnetic footprint, bigger than the Atlas magnet! (But the Atlas Magnet has a stronger pull force)
Even with a thick 30mm plastic spacer, it is tough to separate it from a column of these giant neodymium magnets, that is why every piece of such gigantic size magnet needs to be packed individually in a plastic box with padding and thick spacers are placed between each box so that it can be slide apart by hand. Even though separated by 3cm of gaps between each boxes, the magnetic pull force can still be felt.


For large magnets, our circular “North” sticker indicating the North polarity also serves a safety purpose in this case, it minimise the risk of large magnets suddenly flipping over when trying to pack 2 or more boxes of these giant together (with a thick spacer in between each box). Which can happen if you accidentally try to push South and South together or, mistaken the middle side as one of the polarity, such misalignment of the magnetic poles will cause one or both pieces of magnet to flip or rotate and slam together in awkward and unexpected angle that may crush or cut fingers or hand. Hence, always place the magnet back in to its box with the “North” sticker facing upwards, this way you can stack each box of the same sized magnet with less “surprises”.


This industrial sized magnet is not suitable for home or office use simply because of the danger, damage and injury it can cause in split seconds should any metal object gets close enough to the range of its magnetic field.

What are the uses of this giant magnet?
– Power generator, wind turbine
– Hold metal pieces for machining
– Separation of ferrous materials
– When a magnetic field is required over a large area
– Science projects or experiment
– Magnetic art/sculptures
– Magic Routine
– Simply to hold and behold the awesomeness of such great power (The world’s strongest type of permanent magnet, this stuff is the real deal.)

“Bigfoot” – Large N52 Grade Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet.

BigFoot N52 Magnet

BigFoot N52 Neodymium Magnet

Size: 100mm x 50mm x 20mm
Weight: Appx.  grams
Grade: N52
Plating: Chrome
Magnetisation: Thru 20mm thickness
Max. Operating Temperature: 80 ° C
Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm

Block Magnetisation Orientation

Each pack contains 1 piece of N52 Neodymium Magnet 100mm x 50mm x 20mm.

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