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Eyelet Bolt Magnet Neodymium – Dia. 25mm


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Neodymium M5 Eyelet Bolt Magnet  – Dia. 25mm

Titan-Magnetics Eyelet Bolt Magnet are Neodymium super powerful magnet set within a metal “pot” with eyelet type bolt.

Eyelet bolt magnets are ideal for securing, holding things with ropes, strings or hooks.

Some common usage for eyelet bolt magnet:
– By divers to temporary anchor themselves to hull of vessels when doing repair or survey work
– Divers exploring shipwrecks
– In ship cabin to hang or secure objects
– In warehouse or workshops steel rack or shelves
– Temporary cordon for crowd control
– On metal door and door frames of bomb shelters
– On military vehicles, tanks etc.
– On navy ships
– In kitchen
– Use a pair to put up curtains or room divider
– to retrieve sunken metal objects

Eyelet Bolt Magnet D25mm neodymium magnet

This eyelet bolt magnet assembly consist of 3 main parts:
– Eyelet Bolt (M5, 304 material)
– Screw
– Pot Magnet with countersunk hole


Size comparison between M5, Dia. 25mm and M6, Dia. 36mm Neodymium Eyelet Magnets shown below.

M5 vs M6 Eyeletbolt magnet comparison



Each pack contains 1 piece 25mm dia. eyelet bolt pot magnet.

Eyelet Bolt Magnet Specifications
Dia. of Base: 25mm
Thickness of Base: 8mm
Overall Height: Appx 29.5mm
Eyelet Inner Dia.: Appx 12.3mm

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children