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Rubber Neodymium Magnets Cable Holder Dia. 22mm 4pcs/pack


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Rubber Neodymium Magnets with Cable Tie Holder attachment.

Rubber Neodymium Magnets Water Resistant with Cable Tie Attachment

Magnetic Cable Holder Neodymium

Neodymium Rubber Magnet Plant Attachment

These rubber coated magnetic cable holders are water resistant, can be use both indoor or outdoor.

The added plastic cable tie holder attachment makes these neodymium magnets multipurpose, just slip a regular cable tie thru the 5mm wide slot and you can organize your bunch of cables to a metal surface. Great for temporary setup and getting rid of unsightly dangling cables which is also a hazard.

Besides the usual cable organizing ability, these strong, handy and discreet magnets is also a great time saver during events and parties for attaching flowers, banners, balloons decorations to metal frames or structures.

Upside down when attached directly to a thick flat metal surface, it can hold up to 1.5 kg.
Sideways when attached directly to a thick flat metal surface, it can hold up to 500grams.

If the cable or object is a little too heavy, using a few pieces usually works.

Below photo montage shows using 5 pcs of rubber cable tie magnets to secure a plum blossom decoration to a magnetic painted wall.
Every single piece of the decorations are attached to the magnetic painted wall using different types of magnets.
The 2 hexagonal magnetic shelf can be easily removed or repositioned without leaving any residue, while the red hexagonal pads were attached with rubber magnetic tape at the back.
The battery pack of the plum blossom is attached magnetically to wall with the help of magnetic tape too.

Cable Tie Rubber Magnets for CNY Decoration

4 Pieces Per Pack

Diameter: 22mm
Base Height: 6mm
Overall Height: 13mm
Cable Tie Slot: 5.2mm
Rubber Magnet Holding Cables


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