Traveled the world and amassed an interesting cache of souvenir magnets with no where to display?

Our friendly customer Rose has found the perfect spot and solution to showcase her collection of souvenir magnets… on her glass door!

She used Titan Magnetics Iron Rubber Sheet with Adhesive Back (Just peel and paste) on her glass door and it was able to hold most of her fridge magnets. 

Those heavier souvenirs or the ones with weaker ‘black’ magnets that were not able to attach, we recommend to just add a piece of Dia. 18x2mm neodymium magnets to the back of the ‘black’ magnet to increase the magnetic strength.

Iron Rubber Sheet for Fridge Magnets Display

Photo credits: Thank you Rose! for sharing with us your photos and fridge magnets collection. 🙂 

Titan Magnetics note: 
– Although our Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard can serve the same purpose, heavier items may tend to slide down on the whiteboard smooth surface due to lack of friction. Hence, for the display of fridge or souvenir magnets, our iron rubber sheet is the perfect solution.

– Always install the adhesive back on a smooth, hard and clean surface, apply pressure on the full surface to ensure maximum adhesive contact.

– Best result, leave the adhesive for at least 48hrs to allow curing of adhesive before attaching any magnets. Do consider the total weight of your magnets and if it is too heavy, advisable to spread the magnets over a larger surface area.

– Tip: Flexible Iron Rubber sheet can be cut to different shapes and sizes with a heavy duty pen knife or scissors. This opens up possibilities for small, under utilized spaces like inside of cabinet doors where you can hide the magnets internally to protect from dust and little fingers.