Flexible Iron Rubber Sheet 0.7mm – Not Magnet!


2 meters -3%
5 meters -5%
10 meters -8%
20 meters -10%


Flexible Iron Rubber Sheet – Plain
0.7mm thick 60cm wide, sold in multiples of 1 meters.
(eg. Qty of 1 = 1meter x 60cm, Qty of 2 = 2meter x 60cm)

Flexible Iron Rubber Sheet – with Adhesive back
0.7mm thick 90cm wide, sold in multiples of 1 meters.
(eg. Qty of 1 = 1meter x 90cm, Qty of 2 = 2meter x 90cm)

Please choose between Iron Rubber Sheet Plain OR Iron Rubber Sheet with Adhesive on 1 side.
(Options to choose is just below the price)

Plain Flexible Iron Rubber Sheet for attaching magnets Flexible Iron Rubber with Adhesive for attaching magnets

Note: Flexible Iron Rubber Base Sheet 0.7mm (Both Plain and Adhesive versions) is NOT MAGNETIC! 
Meaning both sides of its surfaces Do Not have magnetic field to attach to ferrous metal surfaces.
However, it contains ferrous compound such that magnets can be attached to both sides of its surfaces. Meaning it is magnet receptive, just like a metal surface.

Yes, reminisce past itinerary with pleasure by organizing your collection of souvenir fridge magnets hunted from all over the world!
Below photo contributed by one of our customer shows how she pasted Iron Rubber sheet with adhesive onto her glass panel door to display souvenir magnets.

Organize your souvenir magnets by Region, Itinerary, Shapes or Chronologically for a unique visual experience, as your fridge magnets make its first mass migration out of the overcrowded fridge door

Application Note from Titan Magnetics:
Clean surface, apply pressure on the whole area to ensure adhesive have good contact with surface, after install leave to cure for 48 hrs before loading magnets.
Iron Rubber Sheet for Display of Souvenir Fridge Magnets

If you wish to order the Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet or Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet with Adhesive, click on the links below:
Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet
Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet with Adhesive

For places and surfaces you wish to use the convenience of magnets, flexible iron rubber sheet from Titan Magnetics makes your wishes comes true.
While having a sheet metal may provide the strongest magnetic attraction to magnets, there are many reasons why this flexible iron rubber might be a better choice.
Metal sheets are difficult to cut to your desired shape and size.
Metal sheets are noisy when magnets are being attached to it.
Metal sheets are not easy to bend.
Metal sheets may have sharp edges

Here are just some of the possibilities:
– Wrap around round pillars
– Cut it into Interesting shapes or symbols
– Add to wooden cabinet door just beneath laminate (carpentry)
– Line inside of plastic tool box to organise metal parts with magnets
– Apply decorative vinyl stickers and cut to shape as magnetic notice board
– Cut into thin strips to line the front edges of wooden shelves
(You can then easily add curtains to your shelves with magnets)

Summary of the advantages of Flexible Iron Rubber Sheets
– Flexible and bendable
– Can easily be cut to shapes and sizes with scissors or penknife
– Not noisy when used with magnets
– Safer to handle than metal sheets
– Can apply vinyl sticker or laminates for aesthetic
– Can be rolled up for transportation
– Not prone to rust

Flexible Iron Rubber Sheet 0.7mm Titan Magnetics

Thickness: 0.7mm (+/- 0.1mm)
Roll width: Plain = 60cm, Adhesive back = 90cm
Units of measurement: Sold in multiples of 1 meter.

Example Plain Iron Rubber : if you order 2 units of Flexible Iron Rubber Plain , you will get 2 meters x 60cm
Example Adhesive Iron Rubber : if you order 2 units of Flexible Iron Rubber with Adhesive Back , you will get 2 meters x 90cm
Note that Plain and Adhesive type have different roll width.

Additional information

Adhesive Options

With Adhesive, Without Adhesive

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